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Dr Tim Kuchenbuch
Dr Tim Kuchenbuch

Dr Tim Kuchenbuch

Every patient is unique and has his or her own story. That is why top medicine can only be provided through the interdisciplinary cooperation of all professional groups.

Chief physician - Clinic for General Visceral and Vascular Surgery


Specialist for thorax surgery
Specialist for general orthopaedics


since 2021
Chief physician and Medical director for thorax surgery
​​​​​​​Clinic for General, Visceral, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery at the Schoen-Clinic Neustadt
2015 - 2021
Section head and Chief physician for thorax surgery
​​​​​​​Clinic for Thoracic Surgery at the Sana Lung Center Lübeck
2009 - 2015
Specialist, Senior physician in charge of a special ward, Senior physician
​​​​​​​Thorax Center Hamburg, Asklepios Clinic Harburg
2003 - 2009
Assistand physician and specialist for surgery
​​​​​​​Clinic for General, Visceral, Thoracic, Transplantation and Pediatric Surgery of Giessen University Hospital
1995 - 2002
Study of human medicine
​​​​​​​Justus Liebig University Giessen


Low-dose adrenomedullin-2/intermedin(8-47) reduces pulmonary ischemia/reperfusion injury.

C. Körner, T. Kuchenbuch, U. Pfeil, K. Jung, W. Padberg, W. Kummer, C. Mühlfeld, V. Grau

Dry powder aerosolization of a recombinant protein-C-based surfactant for inhalative treatment of the acutely inflamed lung

C. Ruppert*, T. Kuchenbuch*, M. Boensch, S. Schmidt, U. Matthes; P. Markart, I. Reiss, R. Schermuly, W. Seeger, A. Günther
Crit Care Med.

Monitoring of experimental rat lung transplants by high resolution flat-panel Volumetric Computer Tomography (fpVCT)

S. Greschus, T. Kuchenbuch, C. Ploetz, M. Obert, H. Traupe, W. Padberg, V. Grau, M. Hirschburger
J Invest Surg

Extratumoral spiral wire fixed marking of small pulmonary nodules for thoracoscopic resection.

M. Hirschburger, S. Sauer, T. Kuchenbuch, T. Schwandner, W. Schief, C. Zoerb, H. Janßen, V. Grau, W. S. Rau, W. Padberg
The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Keratinocyte growth factor prevents intraalveolar oedema in experimental pulmonary isografts

J. Sadovski*, T. Kuchenbuch*, C. Ruppert, A. Fehrenbach, M. Hirschburger, W. Padberg, A. Günther, J. M. Hohlfeld, H. Fehrenbach, V. Grau
Eur Respir J