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Executive Management of Schoen Clinic group

Dr Mate Ivančić

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Schön Klinik SE

Dr Ivančić worked as a physician for five years before moving into Administrative Management, where he has led a large number of clinics and made significant improvements in both the medical and administrative areas. Dr Ivančić also brings with him international Operational Management experience and Business Development expertise. In 2019, Dr Mate Ivančić was appointed to the company management of Schoen Clinic.

André Trumpp

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Schön Klinik SE

A graduate in business administration, he held leading positions at major hospital companies for more than ten years before joining Schoen Clinic Group in 2019. Most recently, he served as Hospital Managing Director of Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek. In 2023, he was appointed COO.

Christopher Schön, MBA

  • Chief Strategy and Investment Officer (CSIO) of Schön Klinik SE
  • Executive Director of Schön Klinik SE

Following his MBA in finance and IT, Christopher Schön worked in business development at Cleveland Clinic in Florida and for a financial investor. In 2016, he was employed as the COO, in 2023, he moved to the position of CSIO. Christopher Schön is the first third-generation family member to manage the hospital group.

Administrative Board of Schoen Clinic group