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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is focused on restoring form and function to parts of the body that have been restricted or damaged by disease, injury, or congenital malformation.

Various surgical techniques are used in reconstructive plastic surgery, such as skin grafts, flap techniques, bone or cartilage grafts, implants, or prostheses. These techniques can be performed for patients suffering from various conditions, such as burns, tumours, infections, trauma, or congenital malformations.

Microsurgery and microsurgical techniques play a very important role in reconstructive plastic surgery, in that they enable repair or alteration of very small structures, such as nerves, blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. Microsurgery requires special instruments and techniques, such as magnifying glasses or microscopes, in order to see and manipulate the fine tissues under high magnification. Microsurgery allows surgeons to perform complex flap techniques, which involve grafting tissue from one part of the body to another.

Our experts at the Schoen Clinic specialise in reconstructive plastic surgery and microsurgery. They work closely with other disciplines in pursuing an orthoplastic treatment approach, which enables them to provide help for even very difficult initial conditions.

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