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Our hospitals all have the same quality standards

We want patients to feel considerably better after a stay in a Schoen Clinic hospital. We have therefore been monitoring our therapy results for several years, and making a joint effort as consultants, nurses, therapists and administrators to improve our services for the benefit of our patients.


every year in our hospitals and medical centres, we treat


and as world class medics, specialists, nurses and kind souls, we do our best for them.


work for our clinic group in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our medical focal points


We have over 30 years’ experience of treating psychosomatic illnesses. We are a leading organisation in Germany. One in six mental health patients requiring psychosomatic treatment in Germany attend a Schoen Clinic hospital.


We are among Germany’s leading orthopaedic specialists. For example, back issues can be treated both conservatively and operatively in the best hands. And if you need an artificial joint, we are your perfect port of call, thanks to our seven certified endoprosthetics centres.


We specialise in the treatment of Parkinson’s, strokes and other neurological conditions. Together with you and your relatives, we work to find the best way for you to return to an independent everyday life. We are there for you from day one, and will support you every step of the way - from the early stages of neurological rehabilitation, to acute treatment, and full rehabilitation.


In addition to orthopaedic surgery, we also specialise in bariatric surgery, thyroid surgery, and heart surgery. Our experts use state-of-the-art medical technology which, for example, enables minimally invasive procedures with the smallest possible cuts. The advantage for you: Our gentle surgical techniques help you to quickly recover following a procedure.

Internal medicine

From conservative treatment to operative therapy, we comprehensively treat you in the various departments of internal medicine. From the diagnosis to after-care, we are experts in disorders of the internal organs and the associated systems. We therefore specialise, for example, in the treatment of heart, stomach and bowel conditions.

Mobility with artificial joints

Our Endo Active programme has been specially developed to help you to recover after a joint replacement operation. In our seven certified endoprosthetics centres, we actively involve you as a patient right from the start. 

Holistic treatment for your back

Back pain may be due to a variety of causes, and so we need to look at them from a range of angles. In our Spinal Departments, specialists from different fields cooperate very closely. 

Patients from around the world

We are happy to assist you as a patient and your relatives prior to, during and after your stay in hospital. Some of our staff can speak your native language. That will make you feel at home with us.

International Schoen Clinic locations

Schoen Clinic’s reputation reaches beyond Germany's borders: Schoen Clinic London, specialising in orthopaedics, will open in 2018. Newbridge House for Eating Disorders in Birmingham, which specialises in eating disorders, has been part of the clinic group since 2017.

What quality means for us - and for our patients

Since 1986, and therefore for a significantly longer time than other organisations, Schoen Clinic has evaluated its treatment results. With our scientifically accredited quality indicators, we have developed suitable instruments with which to advance improvements for our patients. That is exactly what we aim to do.

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