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International Patients

Patients from all over the world are in the best hands with us

The Schoen Clinics enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide - and rightly so. Because our internationally recognised specialists are highly qualified and experienced in treating international patients. The same applies to our nursing and therapy team. 

We know what is important to you and can adapt very well to your needs and wishes. Some of our staff speak Arabic, so you can communicate directly with them.

Our main areas of treatment

Orthopaedics & Spine

As surgical-orthopedic specialist clinics, Schoen Clinic Group covers the entire spectrum of joint and bone surgery. Our doctors are among the top experts in the field of orthopaedics, from spinal and shoulder surgery to hip and knee surgery to hand and foot surgery.


In order to help our patients improve their overall quality of life, our neurologists work closely with leading consultants from different medical specialties to ensure that you receive the finest standard of care and the best treatment and recovery outcomes, based on the latest scientific findings.


Our experts in general surgery specialise in the treatment of all acute and chronic abdominal, stomach and intestinal diseases. The scope of our surgical services ranges from vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, tumour surgery, to metabolic diseases and diseases of the thyroid, kidneys or pancreas.


Rehabilitation describes the restoration of the patient's physical and/or mental health after illness, trauma or surgery. All rehabilitative interventions are targeted at reducing or eliminating negative physical, psychological, and social outcomes to the greatest extent possible, so that the affected patients can return to their daily lives and their work.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Our experts in reconstructive plastic surgery are focused on restoring form and function to parts of the body that have been restricted or damaged by disease, injury, or congenital malformation.

They work closely with other disciplines in pursuing an orthoplastic treatment approach, which enables them to provide help for even very difficult initial conditions.