Highly regarded internationally

Patients from around the globe come to Schoen Clinic

Patients from around the world are in the best hands with us

Schoen Clinic enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence. Our highly qualified specialists and nursing staff not only possess a wealth of experience in their respective specialty areas, they also have many years of experience in treating international patients. We know what is important to you and can adapt very well to your individual needs. That is why some of our staff speak your native language so that you can talk to them directly.

We take care of you before you even arrive!

We are happy to support you to make your journey to our hospital as smooth and pleasant as possible:

  • Visa support: If you need a visa, our staff will be happy to assist you with the application process.
  • Travel and transport: Our staff will be happy to help you organise your arrival and stay. We will arrange airport transfer and/or book hotel rooms for you if your family members will accompany you.

You will feel at home with us

  • Our experienced and emphatic patient counsellors are well acquainted with the expectations and needs of international patients. The majority of them can speak multiple foreign languages, especially Arabic, English and in some cases Russian. They will be at your and your family's disposal at any time during your hospital stay.
  • Our kitchens are equipped to meet all kinds of needs.
  • To keep you up to date even without German language skills, you'll also receive international satellite television channels with us.
  • You can use our Wi-Fi to surf the internet, in some cases for free.

Specially for our Arab patients:

  • You can, of course, receive halal meals from us.
  • We offer gender-segregated common areas in some places.
  • Some places have prayer rooms available for you.
  • You will receive Arabian TV channels in your room.

Clear and transparent pricing

After reviewing your documents and all medical reports, our experienced consultants will prepare a detailed treatment and cost plan. The resulting quote is based on the German payroll logic. Nonetheless, they are processed in such a way to always be transparent and comprehensible to you. Of course, the same applies to the final invoice.

Recovering in beautiful surroundings

An attractive environment can greatly support the recovery process. For this reason, our hospitals are settled near large, world-famous cities with many points of interest: Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and even Salzburg, to name just a few. Alternatively, you can choose a Schoen Clinic facility in a beautiful area—far from the hustle and bustle of city life— where you can recover in peace and quiet⁠.

Hospitals in the mountains and on the sea - A selection