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Professor Dr Philipp Hildebrand
Professor Dr Philipp Hildebrand

Professor Dr Philipp Hildebrand


Chief physician - Clinic for General Visceral and Vascular Surgery


Specialist for general surgery, for GI tract surgery, for special GI tract surgery and for vascular surgery, endovascular surgeon


since 2015
Chief physician
​​​​​​​Schoen Clinic Neustadt
2013 - 2015
Supervisory physician for vascular and upper abdominal surgery
​​​​​​​Schoen Clinic Neustadt
2008 - 2013
Senior physician
​​​​​​​University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck Campus
2002 - 2008
Assistant physician
​​​​​​​University Hospital Schleswig-Holstone, Lübeck Campus


Evaluation of the quality of life after surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

P. Hildebrand, S. Duderstadt, T. Jungbluth, U.J. Roblick, H.-P. Bruch, R. Czymek.
Journal of the Pancreas

Different Surgical Strategies for Chronic Pancreatitis Significantly Improve Long-Term Outcome: A Comparative Single Center Study.

P. Hildebrand, S. Dudertadt, R. Czymek, F. G. Bader, U. Roblick, H.-P. Bruch, T. Jungbluth.
European Journal Med Research

Prototype of an online navigation system for laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation.

P Hildebrand, M. Kleemann, S. Schlichting, V. Martens, A. Besirevic, U. Roblick, H.-P. Bruch, C. Bürk.
Hepato Gastroenterol

Laparoscopic radiofrequency-ablation of unresectable hepatic malignancies: indication, limitation and results.

P. Hildebrand, M. Kleemann, U. Roblick, L. Miow, M. Birth, H.P. Bruch.

Radiofrequency-ablation of unresectable primary and secondary liver tumors: results in 88 patients.

P. Hildebrand, T. Leibecke, M. Kleemann, U. Roblick, L. Mirow, C. Bürk, M. Birth, H.-P. Bruch.
Langenbecks Archieves of Surgery