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Top level medicine directly on the Baltic Sea
We treat you from head to toe providing highly qualified therapies, including in our emergency room, 24 hours a day


Whether coming to us as a neurological emergency patient or as a patient with a chronic neurological disease: at the Schoen Clinic Neustadt between Kiel and Lübeck, you will be treated and cared for competently and through inter-departmental methods by our neurology specialists. Our range of services includes, for example, diagnosing and treating strokes, epilepsies and neuromuscular diseases such as polyneuropathy, dementia or multiple sclerosis.

Our neurology department specialises in treating Parkinson's disease, which is carried out in our certified Specialist Clinic for Parkinson's disease. An accurate and comprehensive neurological examination by our experienced doctors forms the basis for your therapy. By means of an exchange of methods on an inter-departmental level by our neurologists and our experts from the fields of cardiology, vascular surgery and radiology, orthopaedic surgeons and spinal surgeons at the Schoen Clinic Neustadt, we guarantee that you will receive the best care from us in Schleswig-Holstein by the Baltic Sea.