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Schoen Clinic Group

Founded in 1985, the Schoen Clinic group is the largest family-owned company in the German hospital sector. Around 13,600 employees work together at 17 clinics and 38 outpatient and day-clinic facilities in Germany and the UK to achieve the best quality of treatment for patients with statutory and private insurance on a daily basis. The portfolio includes maximum, medium and standard care providers as well as specialist clinics in the fields of psychosomatics, orthopaedics, neurology and rehabilitation.The group also includes the leading online telemedicine clinic: MindDoc.

In addition to highly specialised clinics in the fields of orthopaedics and neurology, the Schoen Clinic group is the market leader in psychosomatic clinics, and, with its specialist providers, offers the entire spectrum of surgery, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. This portfolio is complemented by rehabilitation clinics in the fields of orthopaedics, neurology and psychosomatics.

Our experts, therapists and nursing staff provide cross-disciplinary work in the Schön clinics. They are in constant exchange with each other in order to achieve the best quality of treatment for patients.