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Professor Dr Markus Quante

Professor Dr Markus Quante

Excellent counselling, which provides our patients with the basis for deciding for or against surgery, is the most important prerequisite for a good or very good treatment result.

Chief physician - Hospital for Spinal Surgery and Scoliosis Centre

Specialist Doctor - Consultation and Therapy Centre Hamburg


Specialist for spinal surgery and trauma surgery


since 2011
Chief physician of the Specialist Division for Spinal Surgery
​​​​​​​Schoen Clinic Neustadt
2008 - 2010
Senior physician
​​​​​​​Clinic for Spinal Surgery with Scoliosis Center, Center for Thoracic Wall Deformities, Schoen Clinic Neustadt
2007 - 2008
Executive senior physician
​​​​​​​Clinic for Orthopaedics and Rheumatology of the University Hospital Marburg
2005 - 2008
Senior physician
Klinik für Orthopädie und Rheumatologie der Universitätsklinik Marburg
2004 - 2005
Assistant physician
​​​​​​​Clinic and Polyclinic for General Orthopaedics, Münster University Hospital


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Adulte Lumbalskoliose – ändert sich die Therapie mit zunehmenden Alter?

M. Quante
Die Wirbelsäule 2018 angenommen zur Publikation

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