Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eichler

You can’t make grass faster by pulling at it!

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Head of Department - Hospital for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

+49 4561 54-452000

Job title

Specialist for anaesthesiology
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Publication 2011

Does music harm patients after cardiac surgery?
P. Iblher, H. Heinze, M. Hüppe, KF. Klotz, W. Eichler

Publication 2009

Measurements of functional residual capacity during intensive care treatment: the technical aspects and its possible clinical applications
H. Heinze, W. Eichler

Publication 2009

Neue Wege in der Notfallausbildung von Medizinstudierenden
P. Iblher, H. Iblher, W. Eichler

Publication 2013

Interstitial fluid shifts in simulated long-haul flights monitored by a miniature ultrasound device.
P. Iblher, H. Paarmann, K. Stuckert, A. Werner, KF. Klotz, W. Eichler

Publication 2015

Nationaler Lernzielkatalog „Anästhesiologie“ mit fachspezifischen Aspekten
Breckwoldt, W. Eichler