Leg arterial occlusion – our therapy

Differentiated, interdisciplinary healthcare in a special centre is necessary for the best therapy, for acute or chronic leg arterial occlusion or for one or more artery bottlenecks (PAOD).

In the vascular centre of Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, our vascular specialists have been treating all forms of diseases of the leg arteries for over 25 years. We are able to offer you all the modern vascular diagnostics and all the necessary forms of therapy for your circulatory disorder (PAOD) in one location and, above all, within a well-coordinated team.

Our range of therapies for a leg arterial occlusion includes interventional catheter procedures and stent implantations as well as open surgical operations. Conservative therapies, such as medication to promote blood circulation or special walking training, are additionally used. Together with you, we set a therapy plan to remedy your symptoms , which is specially tailored to you and your personal situation.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

Our outpatient vascular consultation hours

The earlier a occlusive disease (PAOD) is recognized, the better the treatment prognoses. We therefore recommend that you have your vessels examined once in your late 40s. We offer outpatient vascular consultation hours from Monday to Friday, in which we check your vessels for their wall structure and blood flow. The consultation hour lasts about 30 minutes, so that there is still enough time for subsequent conversation and advice.

General information about Leg artery occlusion (PAD)

Patients with a leg artery occlusion can usually only walk without pain for a short time. Everything about causes, symptoms & diagnostics here.