Treatment methods

Making everyday life possible again

Children who have suffered a traumatic brain injury need special early encouragement. This is the only way to prevent long-term neurological defects and the keep the child's psychological distress as minimal as possible. With a variety of paediatric therapy services, we address your child's particular situation in our rehabilitation programme, helping to enable your child to return as early as possible to their family, school or career.

Conservative treatment methods

Traumatic brain injury therapy: Conservative methods

At our hospital, physiotherapists and occupational therapists work closely with each other in order to ensure the best possible therapy for your child's symptoms. Our experienced speech therapists will provide support with speech or swallowing difficulties.

Traumatic brain injury therapy: Medication-based treatment

In some cases, the Botulinum toxin, for example, can be helpful in normalising muscle spasm. Spastic paralysis can be resolved very effectively with this method.

Traumatic brain injury therapy: Treatment for hemiparesis

During rehabilitation, we offer a three-week "Hemi Intensive Camp" for children with hemiparesis. Our trained therapists work intensively with children at the camp, both on an individual basis and in groups, in order to improve their paralysis.