Our Therapy Concepts

The treatment centre is the link between the individual centres of expertise. The individual areas overlap and implement the idea of "care under one roof".

Find out more here about our different treatment services and applications.

Diet and nutritional consulting

How we eat and drink has a lot to do with habits and beliefs. But when this diet makes you sick, it's time for diet and nutrition advice. Our ecotrophologists will advise you and work with you to find practical improvements to your eating habits so that you can live healthier lives in the future.


Mit der Elektrotherapie können wir ein breites Spektrum von Beschwerden lindern: Durchblutungsstörungen, Schwellungen oder auch Lähmungen nehmen häufig durch eine Behandlung mit elektrischen Impulsen ab. Unsere Therapeuten finden für jeden Patienten das richtige Verfahren aus, um seine Symptome individuell zu behandeln.

Occupational therapy

Illnesses and accidents often limit affected persons. Even little limitations in the muscles or sensitivity make movements that otherwise seem completely normal more difficult. In occupational therapy, patients learn how to manage their everyday lives themselves.

Occupational therapy in neuropaediatrics
Our experienced occupational therapists accompany our young patients in the rehabilitation phase. Effective exercises promote communication with the environment and coordination of their own bodies. In occupational therapy, children and adolescents thus re-learn so many everyday activities: Getting dressed, eating, painting, playing, writing.

Feldenkrais method

With Feldenkrais, you will get back to your natural posture and fundamentally expand your movement options in individual or group treatment sessions. In a wide variety of lessons, you will assess your movement habits and learn to differentiate between useful and straining movements. You can release excess tension and decrease stress. You “listen” to your body and feel what is good for you.

Hand therapy

So that our patients can move their hands well after accidents or operations, we use a whole range of treatment methods in our hand therapy. In addition, we manufacture special handrails if necessary.

Hemi-Intensin concept

There are many treatment options for children with hemiparesis. Our therapists and consultants combine different approaches for this purpose. Our goal: We want to allow your child to be as independent as possible in everyday life. That is why our focus is always on everyday activities such as tying shoes and the like.

Speech therapy

Whether patients find talking difficult because of nerve diseases or accidents, or children need support with their speech development: Our therapists help people of all ages to communicate more clearly and to make it easier to exchange views.


Massage therapy uses a variety of methods to relieve muscle tension and pain. The relaxing treatments offered by our experienced masseurs will help you heal effectively.

Music therapy

In music therapy, patients can experience the power of music themselves and use it for themselves. By making music themselves, they create a musical image of how they feel, without detours through words and explanations. Physical and also linguistic blocks can be solved with music.
Ancient oriental music therapy
In active music therapy, we improvise together on oriental instruments or dance to music. In the receptive form, patients hear and enjoy melodies - called "makams" in the Far East. This relaxes and sets important impetuses in the healing process.


In different types of physiotherapy, we strengthen patients’ muscles, mobilise their joints and improve posture. Patients learn exercises that they can regularly carry out later without a therapist in order to live without pain long-term.
Therapy pool
When training in the water, body weight does not matter, which offers relief for the joints. At the same time, the water stimulates muscles and circulation.

Animal-assisted therapy

We use the special effects of animal therapy to help patients with brain damage, for example. Just being with dogs or horses brings more than just joy to the patient. They trust themselves more, are more courageous, become more attentive.


Mit Hilfe gezielt eingesetzter Ultraschallwellen können unsere Therapeuten Muskelverspannungen lockern und Schmerzen lindern.