Treatment methods

For normal development

Depending on the severity of the disability, the personal limitations can either be hardly visible or mean a life in a wheelchair.
In our spina bifida clinic, we have various treatment options available to create the best conditions for the normal development of your child.

Conservative treatment methods

Conservative spina bifida therapy

One conservative treatment option is physiotherapy, even shortly after birth. Handling the individually necessary splints (orthoses) and aids, which should facilitate the child’s everyday life, is also very important. Every child must be examined for bladder problems.

Surgical treatment methods

Surgical spina bifida therapy

Immediately after the birth, the surgical correction of the defect is carried out in order to prevent subsequent complications. Depending on the severity of the disease, various operations may become necessary in the further course of growing up, for example neurosurgical operations, such as shunt treatment, or paediatric orthopaedic operations, such as soft tissue operations or bone interventions. The hips and feet are affected particularly often. However, operations on the knee joints may also be necessary, for example to correct contractures. In addition, the spine should always be checked, as a surgical procedure may also be necessary here.
If your child suffers from spina bifida, you should be in close contact with a special paediatric centre that guarantees interdisciplinary care. Continuity of treatment from childhood to adulthood is crucial!