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Specialist Centre for Radiology

Your specialists for X-ray, MRI and CT at Rosenheim

We offer you comprehensive radiological diagnostic options. Our goal is to achieve optimal results for you with the most modern methods and the lowest possible radiation exposure in order to create a sound basis for your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Our particular focus - Diagnosing children

In general, our equipment allows us to make low-radiation diagnoses. Especially in the field of paediatrics, there is a particular focus on considering the special needs of the young patients.

Compared to an adult patient, children may only cooperate somewhat during a required diagnostic imaging, depending on their age and development. They are also more nervous and need our special attention. That is why we examine your child away from the routine operation in a relaxed atmosphere. You or another trusted person of course can be present. 

MRI under anaesthesia helps children in particular

For some MRI / CT scans, it is better for your child to do it under anaesthesia. Our experts possess a high level of scientific expertise and routine in handling these procedures. In this way, we help your child to receive the best possible examination at any age, according to his/her needs and specific clinical picture.