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Specialist Centre for Orthopaedics

Specialists in joint replacement surgery and reconstructive surgery

Sports traumatology, endoprostheses, knee and shoulder surgery

Since its inception, the Hospital of Orthopaedics at Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth has specialised in reconstructive surgery of the musculoskeletal system and joint replacement surgery. Decades of experience and intensive work in the field of orthopaedics have produced sophisticated treatment methods and special surgical techniques.

Certified joint replacement experts

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth has been certified as an “Endo Prosthetics Centre” by the German Association for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC) and therefore complies with particularly high artificial joint quality criteria. Criteria for the “Hospital MOT” include experienced surgeons and teams, high case numbers as well as medicine in accordance with the latest scientific developments. Prerequisites for quality are careful planning of the procedure, standardised processes after surgery and a set-up with staff and medical technology adapted to patient requirements.

endoCert - Certified joint replacement experts in Germany

The place for sports injuries in the young and old

In addition to general orthopaedics, the Hospital of Orthopaedics specialises in the treatment of sports injuries in every age group. Gentle surgical techniques allow for our patients to rehabilitate rapidly. Our goal: You can return to your previous sports activities as soon as possible.

Treatment of muscle and tendon injuries

Reconstruction of muscle and tendon injuries

Another focus is the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries. These not only occur in sports, but can also be caused by low forces. The restoration of function and power is the focus of the reconstruction. Tears that occurred in the past can also frequently be easily reconstructed using modern techniques.