International Medical Care Centre - Our Team

International Medical Care Centre

Rehabilitation for international patients

Our International Medical Center is specialised in the treatment of international patients. Our range of treatments includes the rehabilitation of diseases from the fields of orthopaedics, neurology, internal medicine, heart surgery and vascular surgery. For a selected spectrum of tumours we offer you a customised rehabilitation treatment.

Our follow-up treatments

We offer specialised treatments after multiple sclerosis, strokes, paralysis, brain tumours and brain haemorrhages. Our team is comprised of the most highly qualified therapists for swallowing and speech therapy, as well as neuropsychologists. This concept is unique for Germany. 

  • 24-hour interpreter service
  • Arabic cuisine
  • Mosque 
  • Separate lounges for ladies and gentlemen 
  • More than 20 Arabic TV channels
  • Arabic and English-speaking staff

Networking of all highly specialised centres of the clinic

Unique to our concept is the embedding of the International Medical Centre in Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth with its different, highly specialised clinics. To this end, we guarantee the interdisciplinary care of all conditions, around the clock.