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Dietmar Kissner

Senior Consultant
Specialist Centre for Hand and Foot Surgery

Specialist Centre for Hand and Foot Surgery

The most modern therapy for hand, elbow and foot symptoms

We offer the most modern procedures, such as, for example, joint imaging (minimally invasive techniques), joint replacement and microsurgery. 

Your wellbeing is our focus. Therefore we offer you the best possible therapy concepts (including conservative procedures) in accordance with your individual requirements.

Our promise to you: We combine the latest scientific findings, our many years of experience and the best possible care.

Specialised in the treatment of hand function disturbances

Whether due to accidents, signs of wear and tear, infections, rheumatism, diseases of the tissue of the hand or due to congenital misalignments - our specialists are there for you.

A particular focus in the operations carried out is arthroscopy as a minimally invasive procedure, the implantation of finger joint and wrist prostheses, the surgical care of radius fractures, procedures on the carpal bones, as well as microsurgery.

Our acute care of injuries

In the event of broken bones, cuts and amputation injuries, such as, for example, a severed finger or parts of the hand, we are available for you around the clock with a professional emergency team. Our centre has approval for providing employer’s liability treatment for the care of hand, underarm and elbow injuries.

State-of-the-art technology in hand surgery

We offer you the most advanced medicine by making the smallest possible skin cuts and viewing your wrist from inside using the arthroscope and treating injuries in a minimally invasive way (keyhole method). Through the use of high-performance microscopes, injured blood vessels and nerves with diameters of less than one millimetre can be reconstructed.

Treatment of congenital misalignments

For affected parents, it is at first a shocking experience when their newborn child has a congenital misalignment. 

In these situations we shall be happy to assist and advise you from the birth of your child onwards, because through the use of special surgical techniques it is possible, in many cases, to correct the functional disturbance of the child’s hand, which was congenital or caused by injuries, already while it is at an early stage of growth and to prevent or reduce any symptoms associated with this.