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Your journey

This is how to reach us

By car

Take the A8 Munich-Salzburg motorway until the Rohrdorf exit.

Then go toward Wasserburg and drive past Stephanskirchen toward Vogtareuth.

From the A8 Rohrdorf exit, it takes about another 30 minutes to reach the clinic.

By train

For those travelling by train, the destination is Rosenheim.

From Munich to Rosenheim the train journey time is about 40 minutes.

From there, there is a bus connection to Vogtareuth.

The bus journey from Rosenheim (station) to Vogtareuth takes about 40 minutes. (Line 9415; Vogtareuth stop in front of the clinic and in the centre of town (about 10 minutes on foot).

Follow-up treatment (Anschlussheilbehandlung, AHB)

If an outpatient follow-up treatment is necessary after the inpatient treatment, the social service will be happy to answer your questions.


All wards are accessible and are suitable for wheelchair users.

Visiting hours

Daily between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm

Mid-day rest period from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Please be considerate of your fellow patient and do not have any visitors during the doctor's visiting times or mealtimes.


Visit our cafeteria.

See “General opening hours”


Chemist shop items

Did you forget to bring anything? In our cafeteria you can get a selection of toiletries and chemist shop items.

Electrical equipment

For reasons of insurance law and fire safety, it is not permitted to connect and/or operate personal electrical equipment.

Exception: Electrical equipment for daily personal hygiene (razors, electric toothbrushes) and multimedia equipment (e.g. Tablets, laptops, smartphones). These devices must, however, be in perfect technical condition. You, the patient, are responsible for this.


Our reception staff are there for you every day from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Food / catering

With our catering provision concept we offer you a varied selection of meals that takes account of various special dietary requirements.

Discharge day

On your departure day we plan your discharge for about 9.00 am.

Please organise your journey accordingly for your departure day. On your departure day, as a rule, you will receive all documents you brought with you, as well as a report for the doctor who will be providing you with continuing care.


On the wards, we offer you mineral water and tea free of charge all day long.

House rules

You can view the current house rules in inpatient admissions.

Internet use

A personal WLAN access for one end device is available free of charge. If you want to use a higher bandwidth or several end devices at the same time, you can purchase an upgrade. Please contact the patient admissions or reception desk in this regard


You can find the church service times on the chapel door or on your ward.

Access to the chapel is through the foyer.

Clinic collection

Whether an alarm clock, a manicure set, a dressing gown or something similar - you can purchase items from our clinic collection directly at our reception.

Mobile phone

The use of mobile and radio telephones is not permitted in the entire clinic area.

The reason for this: Disturbing effects on medical and technical equipment in our centre.


If you are travelling by car, please use the signposted visitors’ parking places.

Parking fees: 1. and 2nd day: EUR 2.50 per day | From the 3rd day: 0.50 per day

People who are medically accompanying children pay 0.50 per day from the first day.

Patients with a disabled person’s pass can park free of charge.

Please show the relevant certificates/passes at reception. People who are accompanying children receive these at patient admissions.

Automated pay station: These are located in the outer area of the main entrance and in the East car park

Patient evaluation

Your opinion is important to us.

Please give us your feedback so that we can optimise our services. For this, please fill in the questionnaire that we give to you at the end of your stay on the ward and place this in the letterbox that has been set up for this purpose

This will, of course, be evaluated anonymously.

Physical therapy

In addition to your doctors’ prescriptions, physiotherapy offers you various treatments (e.g. Aroma massages) for your personal wellbeing.

Please find more information under: Tel?

Outpatients’ department prescriptions: Monday - Friday | 8.30 am to 11.30 am| 


You can purchase stamps, paper and envelopes from our reception.

A postbox is located between the two entrance doors at the main entrance.

Our staff will give you any post that is addressed to you, on your ward.

Radio / TV

You can also receive various radio programmes through the TV equipment located in your room.

Smoking / open flames

There is a general ban on smoking in the entire clinic.

Exception: Marked areas in the outside area - the main entrance in the bicycle parking area, the exit between wards F and G, ward N rear exit, the outside area of the new children’s building as well as the gym exit)

Rest periods

Mid-day rest period: Daily from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm

Night-time rest period: Daily from 10.00 pm until breakfast the following morning.

In the interest of your health and the health of your fellow patients, we urge you to observe the specified rest periods.

Social service

The social service offers you and your friends and family professional social care