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Patient service

We are available to help you and your relatives before, during and after your stay at the hospital.

Patients from around the world - in the best hands with us

International patients

Due to our successful treatment methods and our internationally recognised top physicians, we have an excellent international reputation that many foreign patients follow. Rightly so, we are highly regarded in the Arabian areas and Russia in particular. 

Information about admission to our hospital

Our consultants first have to get an idea of your illness. Only then can they decide how best to help you and whether an in-patient hospital stay is necessary. We need some documents from you for these preliminary examinations:

  • A document stating your name and how best to reach you.
  • A document stating the name, address and telephone number of your treating physician.
  • All documents regarding previous examinations and diagnoses, such as findings reports, discharge letters from other hospitals, X-rays, etc.
  • If you are currently taking medication, we need a list of all of these medicines with the names and dosages.

Healing and costs plan

If our consultants recommend a stay at our hospital, we immediately get in touch with you to go through the healing and costs plan and to find a date for the treatment.


Surely you still have questions. Our FAQ list gives you some information that is often asked about.

Costs of treatment and stay

  • I live in Europe and have health insurance in Europe. Does my health insurance cover the costs?

You will then receive a detailed treatment and cost plan from us, which you can submit directly to your health insurance. If they do assume the costs, you will receive an E112 form that we ask you to please bring with you when you are admitted to our hospital.

  • What happens if my health insurance does not cover the costs?

If your European health insurance does not cover the costs or if you are coming to us from outside of Europe, you will receive a detailed offer that estimates the cost of treatment and stay with us. You decide whether you would like to come to us or not as an independent payer. We hope you understand that a down payment is required before we can admit you.

  • What is the best way to pay?

We accept all standard credit cards and EC cards. All you need is your PIN.

What should I bring with me? And what should I not bring with me?

In our experience, you need the following for your stay:

  • All necessary toiletries, such as a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • A hair dryer
  • Non-slip comfortable slippers
  • Sleepwear and bathrobe
  • Sweat suit and comfortable casual wear
  • Underwear and socks

We hope you understand that you are not allowed to bring electronic devices with you, such as coffee makers or radios. For safety reasons, we also cannot allow any open flames, such as candles or fragrance lamps. Cigarettes and alcohol are not permitted in the entire hospital in order to protect your own health.

Eating and drinking

  • What is included in the board?

For lunch, you can choose between two menu suggestions on business days. In addition, you have a large selection of sandwiches, bread rolls and other snacks to choose from.

In addition to the three main meals, you can also enjoy the following snacks and drinks every day:

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Fresh fruit and fruit salad
  • Aromatic coffee specialities
  • Freshly baked cake in the afternoon
  • Water and various types of tea, freshly brewed


  • Can the hospital kitchen meet my special diet requirements?

Of course. As a standard, we offer vegetarian food and menus that meet your needs (such as halal food). You can also consult a menu planner every day who will advise you on the choice of menus.

Entertainment and news

  • Can I buy magazines from you?

You can choose from a wide range of magazines with us and, if you like, you can also take them with you - free of charge. You can also purchase additional magazines at the hospital kiosk.

  • Will I have an Internet connection?

Of course. You can also use our free Wi-Fi access. As soon as you start the browser with your laptop or tablet and would like to access a website, your device will automatically log into “EIL-DSL”. You can get the Wi-Fi password from reception.

  • What about TV and radio?

Every room is equipped with a TV, radio and headphones. You get 14 TV channels (including CNN) and the main regional radio stations. Our hospital's own radio program also broadcasts a program twice a week where you can request music. We hope you understand that you are not allowed to bring your own TV sets, DVD players, etc. with you.

Shops and services

  • Can I go shopping at the hospital?

Our kiosk is available to you if you forgot a toiletry or the like. In addition, you can purchase small items such as flip-flops, bathrobes or even pocket umbrellas from our souvenir shop.

  • I would like someone to take care of my hair or fingernails/toenails. Is that possible?

Of course. Just let us know and we will make an appointment with our hairdresser or with our manicure team. We will simply add this to your bill.

  • Can I have flowers in my room?

It's so nice when someone sends you flowers! We have a number of vases in stock, which we are happy to give you. Please understand that potted plants are not allowed for hygienic reasons.

  • Can I receive mail or make phone calls?

To use the telephone in your room, you just need to put a calling card in the telephone. You can easily purchase the cards at the hospital.

If you would like to receive mail at the hospital from your family or your friends, please make sure that the address is correct:

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth
Ward: XXX (please add)
Krankenhausstraße 20
83569 Vogtareuth

You can of course also hand all mail that you would like to send to our care team who will mail it for you. Please ensure the proper postage is applied. You can also send faxes or have copies of documents made at reception.