Stroke in children – our treatment

Especially in children, depending on the severity and extent of the stroke, there is a very good chance that only a small amount of damage will remain or that the resulting impairments will completely recede over time. Specially trained experts and a high-quality therapy help here.

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth is considered one of the leading institutions in the rehabilitation of children after a stroke. With their therapy programmes for children from infancy onwards, some of which have been specially developed, our experts set therapeutic standards and are also available to advise other hospitals.

The focus of our activities is always your child and you as a relative. We do everything we can to help your child re-integrate into your family and their wider social environment as well as possible after a stroke.

Conservative treatment methods


Surgical treatment methods

If your child requires orthopaedic surgery as a result of a stroke, we work closely with our experienced colleagues from the paediatric orthopaedics departments in Vogtareuth and Munich Harlaching. Here we offer a wide range of paediatric and neuro-orthopaedic operations for your child. A particular focus lies on minimally invasive procedures.

Help in everyday life by our children’s stroke guide

When your child is diagnosed with a stroke, your family life is thrown off course. Suddenly, everything revolves around applications and therapies, and thoughts centre around future prospects. We have had our children’s stroke guide, Franziska Schroll, since 2018 in order to support you in your new everyday life after your stay in the clinic. She will help you to accept the diagnosis and the new life situation – by telephone or directly on site. She is connected to a large network of associations, self-help groups, etc. and knows where to find help for you.

Franziska Schroll is a trained occupational therapist and is currently studying health management alongside her work.

Hemi-Intensive Camp

Our Hemi-Intensive Camp is especially designed for children with hemiparesis. We offer the three-week camp for your child as part of rehabilitation. Our trained therapists work intensively, both on an individual basis and in groups, in order to minimise your child’s paralysis.  

General information about Stroke in children-paraplegia

Stroke in children/semiplegia: Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis in our young patients.