Hypoxic brain damage – our treatment

When it comes to treatment for your child with hypoxic brain damage, it is crucial is to start neurological rehabilitation as early as possible in order to support the regression of their neurological impairments in the best possible way.

At Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, we are one of the few hospitals in Bavaria able to offer your child early neurological rehabilitation (immediately after the intensive care unit) and continuing rehabilitation. In highly specialised, multi-professional teams of consultants, nursing staff and therapists, we work intensively with your child in order to remedy their functional limitations and social impairments in the best possible way. It is very important to us that you, as a relative, are closely involved in the therapy and that we are a personal contact person for your questions and concerns.

Rehabilitative therapy

Animal-assisted therapy for hypoxic brain damage

In addition to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and music therapy, special therapy with dogs complements our range of treatments for your child. Unlike humans, dogs have the ability to communicate with patients who, for example, are in a vegetative state – by means of looks, sounds and nudges. This ability is used by our specially trained therapists for your child’s rehabilitation.

General information about Hypoxic brain damage in children

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