Prof. Dr. Ulrich Voderholzer

Excellent medicine and continuous scientific evaluation of treatment results are dear to my heart. This requires an attitude of lifelong learning, teamwork, employee satisfaction and a very good employee education and training.

Medical Director - Schoen Clinic Roseneck

Head of Department - Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

+49 8051 68-0

Job title

Specialist Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Master of Medical Education
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Publication 2018

Therapie psychischer Erkrankungen, State of the Art
Ulrich Voderholzer, Fritz Hohagen

Publication 2018

Pathologisches Horten
Ulrich Voderholzer, Anne Külz

Publication 2018

Burnout und Depression. Das Hilfebuch in der Lebenskrise.
Ulrich Voderholzer, Gabriele Hiller, Andreas Hiller

Publication 2014

Der gute und erholsame Schlaf
Ulrich Voderholzer, Christian Ehrig

Publication 2011

Störungsspezifische Behandlung der Zwangsstörungen
Ulrich Voderholzer, Anne-Katrin, Külz Ulrich Förstner