Treatment options

  • Depression

    Every one of us knows about feeling low. A lot of us go through a low mood when processing the events that caused it. But if these heavy spirits continue for a long time, this is called depression. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s the most common cause of poor health worldwide.

    At Schoen Clinic, we have years of experience in curing the body and soul. We place great value on an accurate, individual diagnosis, as this is decisive for successful treatment. Together, we’ll show you the way out of your depression.
  • Adjustment disorder

    After moving, losing your job, a friend or family member passing away or a severe physical disorder, suddenly everything isn’t what it once was. If this event takes you off the familiar path all of a sudden, you’ll sometimes need to find a completely new one. Most people get used to this change in lifestyle after some time. Other people have difficulties trying to adjust. They become nervous or depressed, and withdraw from their social environment.

    Luckily, adjustment disorders are only temporary. At Schoen Clinic, we offer the specialist help you need to fully recover your life.
  • Binge eating disorder

    Binge eating disorder is the most common eating and not – as most people believe – anorexia or bulimia. Up to 4% of the general population between the ages of 20 and 30 are affected. This eating disorder results in regular, uncontrollable eating attacks. During these, those affected ingest a large amount of food that is easy to eat and frequently high in calories. They usually eat very quickly and then feel unpleasantly full.

    Our experienced therapists at the Schoen Clinic will help you to normalise your eating habits and regain your self control.
  • Anorexia

    Mental problems manifest in completely different ways. Some withdraw, others become aggressive, and more than a few develop an eating disorder. Risky behaviour before onset of the disease generally entails a diet, which may be started for a variety of reasons. These can be beauty standards, food intolerances or eating less due to stress. A loss of control slowly creeps in, which develops into anorexia. Adolescent girls and young women are predominantly affected by this.  

    The loss of control in losing weight is associated with a high level of distress, loneliness and pain. You see anorexia as a serious illness and seek medical and therapeutic help. We at Schön Klinik will support you in the process of recognising the perpetuating conditions of your eating disorder so that you can handle it yourself with care. Because when you value yourself as a person, you can accept your body more easily and do what’s good for it.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders

    Cleaning, washing hands, keeping things tidy – all completely normal actions. But the line between that and a compulsion is fluid. “I have to do this again and again, even though I know it makes no sense”, “I feel like I’m mad when I think clearly” – these or similar statements are often heard from patients suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (formerly also  called obsessional neurosis). Such compulsions considerably restrict the daily way of life.

    Our consultants at Schoen Clinic specialise in mental illness.  With effective therapies, we help you to overcome your compulsions.
  • Burnout

    No matter whether a housewife, manager or teacher – it can affect anyone. People suffering from burnout feel burnt out, empty and powerless. As performance decreases, emotional exhaustion and fear of failure increase. Those affected feel completely overwhelmed and buried under a wealth of expectations from other people. They can no longer meet their own demands either.

    At Schoen Clinic, we support you in accepting your burnout symptoms and accepting help. With an individual therapy programme, we help you to develop strategies and attitudes so that you can cope better with stress situations in the future.
  • Borderline personality disorder

    About 1.5 million Germans suffer from uncontrolled mood swings, and frequently high levels of stress and serious self-esteem issues. As a result they often feel the urge to harm themselves. Those who are affected by this condition - called borderline syndrome - are insecure and afraid of being abandoned. They alternate between pushing others away and holding them too close. This overshadows all of their interpersonal relationships and greatly affects the lives of these mostly young patients.

    At Schoen Clinic we have years of experience in dealing with conditions affecting the personality and mood. We can offer you the support to allow you to manage your emotions again.
  • Panic disorder

    Fear is a feeling that ensures our survival. Without fear, we would take risks that are a danger to our health and life. But fear can also become pathological. People with a panic disorder suffer repeatedly from sudden, intense panic attacks that have a major negative impact on their lives.

    For many years, our specialised physicians, therapists and co-therapists have been successfully working on the treatment of anxiety disorders. They carefully assist you in overcoming their fears and combating the panic attacks. So you can actively take part in life again.
  • Generalised anxiety disorder

    Fear is a basic human emotion that can save your life. Sometimes, however, fear can be very intense or occur excessively frequently or in the form of constant worrying and thus massively reduce the affected person’s quality of life.
    Anxiety disorder are among the most common psychological illnesses: Approximately 8 percent of all people are diagnosed with symptoms of a generalised anxiety disorder (GAS) throughout the course of their life. In addition, more than 90 percent of the affected persons suffer from an additional psychological disorder such as a panic disorder, social phobia or depression.

    Based on our many years of experience in treating anxiety disorders, we are able to help you get your fear under control with targeted therapy.
  • Anxiety disorder

    Fear is part of life. It arises in a variety of situations and contexts, indicate imminent danger and therefore performs an important protective function for us humans. It becomes critical when normal fears become anxiety disorders that have a major negative impact on life.

    At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Our experienced physicians, psychologists and therapists take your personal needs into account in your treatment.