Sports & Training Therapy

Individual training in Munich for your health

This area and the execution of the medical training therapy is managed by professional sports scientists with many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and prevention. One of our sports therapists is there for you as a point of contact and to provide help in the area of medical training therapy at any time during your training. We help you get “back in shape” with a customised training plan and a comprehensive training programme for musculature and the cardiovascular system.

Autonomy in everyday life

Treatment options

  • Medical training therapy (MTT, physical therapy using equipment; MAT)
  • Heart rate-controlled cardiovascular training
  • Computer-controlled back apparatus (diagnosis and strength training of the spine-stabilising musculature)
  • Coordination training (redcord, slackline)
  • Therapeutic climbing
  • Health-oriented fitness training
  • Sport-specific training
  • Lactate performance diagnostics

State of the art: Our equipment

  • Endurance training equipment with pulse control function
  • Bicycle ergometer with adjustable pedal crank/recumbent ergometer
  • Upper body ergometer
  • Stair climber/cross walker
  • Treadmill
  • Sequence training equipment for all muscle groups
  • Equipment for sport-specific training (free motion)
  • Red cord (special training for stabilisation and coordination)
  • Cable pulls
  • Free weights (training with dumbbells and barbells)
  • Training equipment to train coordination and stabilisation (slackline)
  • Liquid oxygen tank to train patients with chron. pulmonary illnesses