Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy in Munich

Holistic treatment of physical symptoms

We offer a training and therapy programme tailored to your needs in Munich. With the help of physiotherapy, the body’s motor skills will be recovered, improved and maintained. We help you improve your strength and mobility while optimising coordination. This either takes place in one-on-one treatment sessions or in various groups.

The entire range of physiotherapy

Cooperation with you and your treating consultant

At our Therapy and Training Centre in Munich, we offer you the entire range of physiotherapy, from manual therapy to physical therapy on a Neuropsychology basis through to sports therapy. We work in a team and you are part of it: We create your treatment plan in cooperation with you and your treating consultant. Together, we choose the treatment form that suits you best.

Our care

We treat athletes from a variety of sports, performance classes and teams at the Therapy and Training Centre. As a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, as a Medical Centre of the Bavarian Olympiastützpunkt Bayern (Olympics Training Centre) and as a partner of, among others, the Bob- und Schlittenverbands Deutschland (Bob sled and Sled Association) and the German national skiing team, we have already earned the trust of numerous competitive athletes. Together with our patients or athletes, we look for customised medical solutions that maintain and promote fitness, mobility and strength.

At our Therapy and Training Centre, sports and athlete-specific treatment plans are implemented in practise. Numerous therapists are at your side so you can get closer, step-by-step, to your “return to play” goal. Of course, close cooperation between you, your consultant and your therapist is self-evident.

The equipment at our training centre is also specially designed for the needs of athletes. There are therefore training appliances that are designed for specific injuries. With the help of the AlterG treadmill (anti-gravity treadmill), we reduce, for instance, gravity so you can start trying to walk and run early on after a cruciate or Achilles tendon tear without additional strain. This allows for accelerated follow-up treatment and rehabilitation.

Our treatment spectrum in physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy (incl. scar treatment)
  • Manual therapy (according to Kaltenborn-Evjenth, Maitland, Cyriax, Mulligan, McKenzie)
  •  Physiotherapy on neurophysiological basis (Bobath, PNF) for adults
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Kinesiotape
  • Traction treatment
  • Group therapy for spine

Physical measures

  •   Classical Massage
  •  Foot reflex zone and connective tissue massage
  • Two- and four-cell bathrooms
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Heat therapy and heat packs
  • Red light
  • Hot Roll
  • Cold and electrotherapy