Outpatient Rehabilitation in Munich

Rehab and intensive rehab aftercare (IRENA) in Munich

Outpatient rehabilitation at our Therapy and Treatment Centre in Munich is a sensible alternative to inpatient rehabilitation. The benefit of outpatient rehab is that the patients do not have to leave their personal environment after an inpatient stay at the hospital or if they suffer from chronic illnesses. The physical proximity to the surgeon is also a major benefit of this form of treatment.

Wide range of services

Treatment time in the framework of outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation at our clinic in Munich includes a daily treatment time of 4-6 hours (including breaks). EAP (private) alternative times. After treatments, the patient can go home to his or her familiar environment.

Cost assumption during outpatient rehabilitation

The costs will be assumed from the competent cost carriers and the co-pay for public insurance companies is €10 per day. If the outpatient rehabilitation is directly after a stay at the hospital, the co-pay paid to the hospital will be applied. In total, the patient must pay a co-pay for a maximum of 28 days in the calendar year. If the costs are assumed by a pension insurance, no co-pay is required.

The outpatient rehabilitation includes the following services

Medical services

  • Intake, interim and final examination
  • Diagnostics
  • Creation of a rehabilitation plan
  • Regular coordination with the team of therapists
  • Recommendations for further treatment (if necessary)
  • Creation of a final report


Daily therapy services as part of outpatient rehabilitation

  • Physical therapy individual treatment / occupational therapy
  • Group therapy based on availability, including in the exercise pool
  • Pulse-controlled cardiovascular training
  • Medical muscle building training


Consultations upon individual request and as needed

  • Psychological consultation (individual consultation, relaxation and pain management group)
  • Nutritional counselling (individual consultation, group presentations)
  • Consultation from a professional social pedagogue


Additional services in conjunction with outpatient rehabilitation

  • Daily travel costs will be paid out in cash on the last day of the programme
  • Meal tokens in the amount €3 per day
  • Free water dispenser
  • Free parking in the underground garage at Schoen Clinic München Harlaching

IRENA = Intensive Rehab Aftercare

An IRENA is only possible after outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation if it is covered by a pension insurance company. They (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Land und Bund and Bundesknappschaft) have defined the following rules for IRENA measures in the field of orthopaedics/surgery:

  • Number of therapy units is max. 24
  • Therapy units/week: max. 3 each 90-120 minutes of therapy
  • Total therapy duration: is based on the consultant’s specifications; it must, however, start within the first 3 months and be completed no later than 6 months after the patient is released from the clinic.


Therapy contents of the IRENA programme

  • Intake and final examination by the rehab consultant
  • Group therapy (on dry ground or, if available, in the exercise pool)
  • Endurance test (at the start and end of the programme)
  • Pulse-controlled cardiovascular training
  • Medical muscle building training


Travel costs for IRENA

The pension insurance companies reimburse travel costs in the amount of €5 per day. They will be paid out by the facility at the end of the treatment (last day of therapy). Later payments are not possible for organisational reasons.


Treatment tip

Individual treatments (e.g. physical therapy, lymph drainage, massage, occupational therapy including additional measures such as electrotherapy, ultrasound or heat wrapping/fango) can be prescribed as supplements by the treating consultant and utilised in addition to the IRENA programme.