Treatment concept

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A single appointment gets you further

Is your spinal therapy not working? Are you considering whether a surgical intervention is sensible for your back problem now or maybe later? Would you like a second opinion? In a detailed consultation, our specialists will reliably talk about what type of spinal therapy helps you and whether an operation is actually advisable in your case.

Consultation and diagnosis with 3D measurement

Meet our highly qualified spinal experts in person: They will advise you directly on your individual spinal problem. And they take their time for you: Your consultation takes at least 45 minutes. Following an extremely careful diagnosis, the experts develop a treatment strategy for you that is individually coordinated to your personal needs.

So that our consultants can advise you perfectly in this regard, our Consultation and Therapy Centre is equipped with the best technology:

  • The centre has a modern system for three-dimensional, contactless measuring and analysis of body statics. It is the only optical procedure on the market that allows the spine to be determined and pictured in its entire form as well as its position and rotations. This high-performance device is used with great success for scoliosis patients, as well as for other spinal patients.
  • The modern diagnosis and treatment in the Consultation and Therapy Centre also includes periradicular therapy (PRT): This involves injecting contrasting agents and pain relief into the spine in the areas causing pain.

Therapy and treatment – generally without surgery

Pain that lasts for weeks or months, or symptoms such as neurological deficits, for instance sensory disorders or weaknesses, require rapid diagnosis and individual therapy.

Whether caused by a slipped disc, spinal stenosis, malposition or instability, our specialists will explain the underlying disease of your spine to you in a well-founded and understandable manner and will give you clear treatment recommendations. As internationally renowned back experts, they possess the very latest expertise and an immense wealth of personal experience.

Our specialists can generally help you without having to perform surgery. For example, radiologically-guided injections under local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs can often help you to achieve lasting results and relieve you of back pain. These interventions can also be repeated at intervals, with the result that spinal operations can often be avoided.

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