Treatment methods

Conservative treatment is best for treating back pain

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic handle over 12,000 patients with spinal disorders each year. In over 80% of cases, simple measures are sufficient in putting an end to pain. Pain-relieving medication, physiotherapy and targeted muscle strengthening exercises are important elements of this treatment.

Pain can sometimes permanently set in, even though the original cause has long since been eliminated. To prevent this, the pain should be treated as early as possible. It can also be beneficial to include social factors in your therapy considerations. Namely, mental strains or irritations in your home or work environment sometimes make their presence felt through back pain. It may be the case that your pain is just a symptom of burnout or depression. In this situation, we can still provide the best-possible treatment at Schoen Clinic.

Conservative treatment methods

Individual and holistic: multi-modal pain therapy for chronic pain

Chronic pain is often worsened by other factors such as stress or family issues. Therefore, alongside physical treatment, we incorporate the mental and social aspects in your life. We consider your pain, so to say, holistically.

With multi-modal pain therapy, you’ll receive a combination of pain therapy, physiotherapy and psychological treatment which is precisely tailored to your own situation and history. The close collaboration between all of the doctors and therapists treating you greatly contributes to the long-term success of your treatment.

During the treatment, we will of course involve you in all of our medical team’s decisions. This way, you can always tell us about your expectations and experiences directly.

Infiltration therapy for back pain

We can effectively treat acute and severely chronic back pain through pain therapy in 80% of cases. Under X-ray control, we inject anti-inflammatory medication exactly a millimetre into the area of the neck or lumbar spine affected by pain. These measures can often be combined with physiotherapy – physiotherapeutic exercises and physical therapy (e.g. heat treatment or electrotherapy) – for a long-term effect.

For a strong back: our therapy centres

Strong muscles, good posture and back-friendly movements are the best measures against back pain.

In our therapy and training centres, we offer treatment tailored to you. Special training courses are conducted by our therapists and sports scientists who are happy to assist and advise you. Therapeutic applications and device training are also included in the mix. These applications include muscle training, sports and movement training and more.

Statutory and private insurers can employ our services through a prescription. Our full range of therapies and training are also available to self-payers.

Early treatment through medication

Acute back pain should be treated early. In most cases, pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing or anti-inflammatory medication is sufficient. When taking this medication, it is important to resume your daily routine as quickly as possible. For more severe pain, we also recommend physiotherapy and heat therapy.

In case of chronic pain, we prescribe medication suitable for long-term use.

You can make all treatment methods last longer by carrying out other therapies simultaneously, including physical therapy such as heat therapy, as well as physiotherapy and training therapy which promote your mobility and performance.

Surgical treatment methods

Spinal surgery

In rare cases, the pain cannot be treated through conservative therapy. A cause of pain will sometimes persist and jeopardise the success of treatment. Surgery may then come under consideration. Of course, this is always down to you.

You’ll be happy to know that our spinal surgery is minimally invasive or involves microsurgical or endoscopic methods where possible. We only require very small skin incisions for minimally invasive procedures, and just a single skin puncture for endoscopic surgery. These methods result in significantly smaller scarring. In addition, you’ll be on your feet again quicker and will spend less time in the after-care stage.

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