Dr. Thorsten Leibecke

"Radiology connects”

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Head of Department - Hospital for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

+49 4561 54-2000

Job title

Specialist for radiology
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Publication 2008

Posttraumatic and postoperative cardiac luxation: computed tomographic findings in nine patients
Leibecke T, Stoeckelhuber BM, Gellissen J et al.

Publication 2008

Magnetic resonance imaging and correlative gross anatomy of the ligamentum semicirculare humeri.
Kask K, Kolts I, Lubienski A, Russlies M, Leibecke T, Busch LC

Publication 2003

CT-Kolonographie (virtuelle Endoskopie) in der Diagnostik des kolorektalen Karzinoms. in der
Leibecke T, Birth M, Luehken C et al.

Publication 2006

Influence of operator experience in radiofrequency ablation of malignant liver tumors on treatment outcome.
Hildebrandt P, Leibecke T, Kleemann M et al.

Publication 2006

CTA und MRA bei PAVK-ist die DSA out?
Leibecke T, Kagel C, Lubienski A et al.