Dr. Thorsten Körner

I helped to establish the complex ward in Rosenheim with the treatment focus on severe eating disorders and head it as the specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. Other clinical focuses are depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, pain disorders, somatoform disorders and tinnitus. 

Schoen Clinic Roseneck

Senior Registrar - Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

+49 8051 68-0

Job title

Specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, Specialist for general medicine and Continuing education authorisation for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the Rosenheim location
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Publication 2018

3-Jahres Verlauf nach erfolgreicher Therapie ausgehend von extremer Anorexia Nervosa mit BMI 8,5 kg/m²
Voderholzer U, Fumi M, Werz J, Körner T, Cuntz U

Publication 2018

Körner T, Voderholzer U

Publication 2007

Sharp-device injuries to hospital staff nurses in 4 countries.
Clarke SP, Schubert M, Körner T

Publication 2006

Impact of age, health locus of control and psychological co-morbidity on patients' preferences for shared decision making in general practice.
Schneider A, Körner T, Mehring M, Wensing M, Elwyn G, Szecsenyi J

Publication 2005

The CONTENT project: a problem-oriented, episode-based electronic patient record in primary care.
Laux G, Körner T, Rosemann T, Gilbert K, Szecsenyi J

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