Tatiana Ackermann

Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen

Specialist Doctor - Centre for Pain Therapy

+49 8061 903-0

Day Clinic for chronic pain

Deputy Medical Director - Schoen Clinic Day Clinic for Chronic Pain

+49 8061 903 570-25

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Publication 2012

The efficacy of acupuncture in human pain models: a randomized, controlled, double blinded study
Rebhorn C., Breimhorst M, Buniatyan D., Vogel C., Birklein F., Eberle T.

Publication 2011

TNF-alpha in CRPS and „normal“ trauma-significant differences between tissue and serum
Krämer HH *, Eberle T.*, Uecyler N., Wagner I., Klonschinsky T., Müller LP, Sommer C., Birklein F.

Publication 2010

Central opioidergic neurotransmission in CRPS
Klega A.*, Eberle T. *, Buchholz HG, Maus S., Maihöfner C., Schreckensberger M., Birklein F.

Publication 2010

Mechanical but not painful electrical stimuli trigger TNF alpha release in human skin
Eberle T., Doganci B., Krämer HH, Fechir M., Wagner I., Sommer C., Birklein F.

Publication 2009

Warm and cold CRPS – differences beyond skin temperature?
Eberle T., Doganci B, Krämer HH, Geber C., Fechir M., Magerl W., Birklein F.