Stroke in children-paraplegia

For a better quality of life

It is not just adults that can suffer strokes. They can also affect children. Although they are very rare, they are a devastating event for children as well as their parents, and can be a significant challenge to overcome. 

Our experienced specialists at Schoen Clinic will be right by your side during this difficult time. We have many years' experience of treating strokes in children. With early and ongoing rehabilitation, we do everything we can to improve your child's quality of life. 

Causes & symptoms

Stroke in children: Possible causes

The majority of strokes in children occur before or during birth. 

Strokes in children can be caused in some cases by circulatory problems resulting from blocked blood vessels. Potential risk factors include heart defects or clotting disorders. Bleeds on the brain may also be responsible. These can occur as a result of pre-existing malformations of the blood vessels in the brain. 

Stroke in children: Symptoms that indicate this type of event

Possible symptoms can be:
  • Acute-onset hemiparesis
  • Speech disorders
  • Altered levels of consciousness
  • Severe headache
  • In newborns especially: epileptic seizures


Diagnosis: How we determine whether a stroke has occurred

If a stroke occurs before or during birth, the first symptoms often only become apparent once the child is a few months old. 

If there is a suspicion of a stroke before or during birth, we initially carry out an MRI scan in order to see whether or not a stroke has actually occurred. 

If the stroke affects an older child, an emergency CT scan or MRI scan will be carried out in the acute assessment centre. Once the acute treatment has been completed, the child often comes to our facility for rehabilitation.