Prof. h.c. Dr. Stephen Hohe

Cardiac surgery is like a quote from Confucius: "People don't stumble over mountains, they stumble over molehills"; it's the small details that matter in order to make cardiac surgery procedures safe and of high quality. Humility saves us from stumbling over molehills.

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth

Head of Department - Specialist Centre for Cardiac Surgery

Job title

Specialist in Cardiac Surgery
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Publication 2011

Re-Redo mitral valve repair- useful or even possible- a case report
Marin D, Hohe S, Ramadan K, Schütz A

Publication 2012

midterm follow-up after aortic valve repair: a single center experience
Marin D, Hohe S, Hamilton C, Schütz A

Publication 2016

a new method to measure oxygenator oxygen transfer performance during cardi
Hamilton C, Marin D, Hohe S

Publication 2017

mimal invasiver Aortenklappenersatz durch rechts-anteriore Minithorakotomie
Marin D, Hamiton C, Hohe S

Publication 2018

improved cardiac relief by additional venous cannula during minmal invasive
Marin D, Hamilton C, Schütz A, Hohe S