Dr. Stephan Arnold

The Greek verb "therapein" means to accompany.

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth

Senior Consultant - Specialist Centre for Neurology

+49 8038 90-0

Schoen Clinic Medical Care Centre Vogtareuth

Senior Consultant - MCC Vogtareuth

49 8038 90-1341

Job title

Specialist in Neurology
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Publication 2018

Conversion to Brivaracetam monotherapy: two phase III studies
Arnold S, Badalamenti V, Diaz A et al.

Publication 2015

Noninterventional study of lacosamide add-on: the VITOBA study
Runge U, Arnold S, Brandt C et al.

Publication 2005

A semiological classification of status epilepticus
Lüders H, Rona S, Rosenow F, Arnold S et al.

Publication 2000

Reduction of BDZ receptor binding is related to seizure onset zone in FCD
Arnold S, Berthele A, Drzezga A et al.

Publication 1996

Topography of interictal glucose hypometabolism in unilateral mTLE
Arnold S, Schlaug G, Niemann H et al.