Steffen Pfeiffer

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth

Head of Department - Specialist Centre for Cardiac Surgery

+49 8038 90-0

Job title

Specialist in cardiac surgery
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Publication 2016

Sutureless, rapid deployment valves and stented bioprosthesis in aortic valve replacement: recommendations of an International Expert Consensus Panel.
Gersak, B; Fischlein, T; Folliguet, TA; Meuris, B; Teoh, KH; Moten, SC; Solinas, M; Miceli, A; Oberwalder, PJ; Rambaldini, M; Bhatnagar, G; Borger, MA; Bouchard, D; Bouchot, O; Clark, SC; Da

Publication 2016

International Expert Consensus on Sutureless and Rapid Deployment Valves in Aortic Valve Replacement Using Minimally Invasive Approaches.
Glauber, M; Moten, SC; Quaini, E; Solinas, M; Folliguet, TA; Meuris, B; Miceli, A; Oberwalder, PJ; Rambaldini, M; Teoh, KH; Bhatnagar, G; Borger, MA; Bouchard, D; Bouchot, O; Clark, SC; Dapu

Publication 2017

Implantation of the Sorin Perceval® sutureless aortic valve: a step by step approach
Pfeiffer, S; Sirch, J; Vogt, F; Fischlein, T; Santarpino, G.

Publication 2019

Risk factors for atrioventricular block after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: a single-centre analysis including assessment of aortic calcifications and follow-up.
Pollari, F; Großmann, I; Vogt, F; Kalisnik, JM; Cuomo, M; Schwab, J; Fischlein, T; Pfeiffer, S.

Publication 2019

Risk factors for paravalvular leak after transcatheter aortic valve replacement.
Pollari, F; DellAquila, AM; Söhn, C; Marianowicz, J; Wiehofsky, P; Schwab, J; Pauschinger, M; Hitzl, W; Fischlein, T; Pfeiffer, S

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European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thorax-, Herz- und Gefäßchirurgie (DGTHG)

Scientific awards

Kandidat ‚Caves Award‘, ISHLT Meeting, Vancouver 2001
The Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education Research Fellowship Award 2000 
Young Investigator Award, The Transplantation Society, Rom 2000.