Schoen Clinic Medical Care Centre Lampertheim

The practice clinic Lampertheim is the origin of Schoen Clinic Medical Care Centre Lampertheim. The former group practice for surgery with connected outpatient surgery by Dr. Horneff and Dr. Danneberg was converted into an MTC on 01 April 2017. Dr. Danneberg left the practice as a physician on this day. Dr. Bert, specialist for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, was brought on board as his successor. The successful work of the practice clinic will be continued with Dr. Horneff with the known conservative and surgical spectrum. In addition, the surgical orthopaedics centre is being expanded in close cooperation with Schoen Clinic Lorsch. Dr. Horneff and Dr. Bert carry out outpatient procedures in Lampertheim. If an inpatient surgery and treatment are to take place, this is offered at Schoen Clinic Lorsch.

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