Treatment options

  • Adjustment disorder

    Sometimes, one event can throw someone off completely. Symptoms often begin in the first month after the stressful event. People suffer, are emotionally impaired and can no longer carry out tasks at work or at home. This may be due to an adjustment disorder. At Schoen Clinic, our experienced therapists help you bring your life back into balance. 
  • Anorexia

    Every gram of fat is an enemy: In cases of anorexia (anorexia nervosa), the natural awareness of one’s body is lost. The person affected feels too fat, even though they have long since become dangerously underweight. In the Schön Klinik, we consider the individual causes and offer therapeutic and medical assistance geared towards those causes.
  • Anxiety disorder

    “I am scared” – everyone has certainly felt this way. If fear gains the upper hand in life, however, this is a serious anxiety disorder. At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in anxiety disorders and help affected persons overcome their fears.
  • Binge eating disorder

    Eating is one of our basic needs. But when eating can no longer be controlled and (regular) uncontrollable eating attacks start occurring, this is known as binge eating disorder. Our experts at Schoen Clinic have years of experience in treating eating disorders. The goal of our therapy is to regulate eating behaviour, increase the sense of self-worth and impart more certainty in dealing with emotional and social stress.
  • Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

    If you are continually worried about your external appearance, this may indicate body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Excessive preoccupation with one’s appearance impacts all aspects of life. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have years of experience with this disorder. We offer you effective therapy so that you can look in the mirror again without experiencing self doubt.
  • Borderline personality disorder

    Borderline personality disorder wreaks havoc with the emotions of the person who is affected by it. The frequently occurring self-destructive and high-risk behaviour also makes this personality disorder dangerous as well. At Schoen Clinic, we offer professional diagnostics and therapy. For more emotional stability.
  • Bulimia

    Bulimia (bulimia nervosa) – a life between two extremes Affected persons are stuck in a cycle of ravenous hunger, followed by shame. At Schoen Clinic, we're specialised in eating disorders. With customised treatments, we bring our patients’ body and soul back into balance.
  • Burnout

    Burnout – nothing works anymore. Those affected feel burned out and empty. They can no longer cope with the demands of everyday life. At Schoen Clinic, we have years of experience in treating burnout syndrome. You can always rely on our therapeutic and medical help.
  • Chronic pain

    In contrast to acute pain, chronic pain usually has several causes. Based on an exact diagnosis, our specialists at Schoen Clinic offer you a treatment concept customised based on your symptoms. So pain no longer controls your everyday life.
  • Complex station

    People who suffer from severe anorexia nervosa are often to sick to help themselves and are barely able to overcome the eating disorder themselves. At the complex ward at Schoen Clinic Roseneck in Rosenheim, we stabilise you physically and help you find a way out of the eating disorder.