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Information from A to Z


You can register for your inpatient stay directly online or send us the completed registration forms by post or fax.

Admission date

After all your documents have been received, you will get an interim reply about the expected admission period. Unfortunately we cannot advise you of the exact date of admission until one to two weeks in advance. You will receive a phone call about this first, and then a written invitation.


We ask that you arrive between 9 and 11 am so we can have a few quick discussions with you on the first day. Please report to reception in the entrance area immediately when you arrive. Please also have the other questionnaires ready that you filled out for us in advance and the current hospitalisation if applicable.

Please be aware that only a limited number of clinic-owned parking spaces are available, which can be rented for a fee when you arrive. Please use the public parking facilities with metered parking spots at Chiemsee Schifffahrt (Prien) or near the clinic (Rosenheim). You can also obtain more detailed information on your day of arrival at reception.


Please be aware that our clinic is of limited suitability for handicapped. If necessary, check in advance wheather our facilities for the disabled are sufficient for you.


We recommend travelling by train due to the convenient train connection. You can find all information and detailed directions for arriving by car here. 

Please be aware that only a limited number of clinic-owned parking spaces are available, which can be rented for a fee when you arrive. Please use the public parking facilities with metered parking spots at Chiemsee Schifffahrt (Prien) or near the clinic (Rosenheim). You can also obtain more detailed information on your day of arrival at reception.

Registration certificate

You can request a registration certificate at reception or, if you are a private patient, through Schoen Comfort. If the certificate should also include a diagnosis, please request this at your ward.

Admission day - further procedures

After going through the admission formalities, you’ll receive your room key. A relative must accompany young patients during admission. A co-therapist from your ward will then bring you to your room and inform you about important points of your stay, such as the house rules, eating rules and room rules. Then, in addition:

  • Therapy admission with your personal therapist, who will be your main point of contact during your stay at the clinic
  • Medical admission with your treating consultant
  • Building walk-through with fellow patient (mentor)

Accompanying person

Accompanying persons and relatives unfortunately may not be admitted to or spend the night at our clinic. However, you can find a number of hotels and guest houses near the clinic. For more information, please refer to the tourism offices in Prien and Rosenheim.


You may not drink or keep alcohol anywhere on the clinic property. Alcohol can have serious negative affects on the success of healing and is also harmful to your health. We reserve the right to make abstinence agreements in certain cases. No alcoholic beverages are served in our Schoen Café either.

Exit times

You may leave the clinic outside of therapy hours if there is no medical reason that prevents it. Please see the house rules for exit times. The entrance of house C is closed as early as 9 pm. After that time, please use the entrance at house A.


We ask that you make the co-payment or deductible stipulated by the payers at reception no later than one week before departure. Your telephone fees, etc., will also be settled there. We accept EC debit cards (with PIN), Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.


Please submit treatment plans or case report forms and any journal graphs to your personal therapist before leaving. Please retrieve your own medication that you surrendered at admission from the medical centre. You can also return any loaned medical equipment there. For organisational reasons, medicine will be destroyed if it is not picked up. Please clear your room by 9 am on the day of departure at the latest so that our cleaning staff can prepare the room for the next patients to arrive. Please make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and that the door to the room safe is left open. Remember to surrender your room and postbox keys, pillows and blankets and your parking pass for the underground car park. 

Findings report

The consultants you specify will receive a referral letter after your release. In the rare event that you need a report of findings (subject to charge), e.g. if there is a dispute with official bodies or payers, you can request this in writing through the medical clerical services of Schoen Clinic Roseneck.

Treatment plan

Your actual treatment schedule with specific dates and times will be in your postbox. Please remember to check your postbox twice a day, as appointments may change with very little notice as late as the evening of the day before.

Visitors and visiting hours

Visitors are welcome between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. Please refrain from visits during therapy hours. If you are placed in a double room or a shared room, we ask that you please consider your fellow patients and only receive visits to your room after consulting with them.

Visitors and relatives are allowed to take meals in the restaurant. Meal vouchers can be purchased at reception. Please ask at reception for the prices of lunch and dinner. Visitors must leave the clinic by no later than 10 pm.

If arriving in a car, there is short-term parking on Seestraße and paid parking spots at Chiemsee Schifffahrt. You can get more information at reception.

Bed linens

You do not need to bring any bed linens, as these will be provided by the clinic. If you need a neck support pillow, vein cushion, pillow for lying on your side or similar, please bring it with you.

Release from therapy

Releases, in the sense of therapeutic trials, are in a home environment and only possible with written permission from your personal therapist for one weekend overnight at most (generally after the second week of stay). Please submit your application notice by Thursday, 12 pm, at the nurse’s station. Important: Please always report back to reception house C or the medical centre after you return! Release from therapy during the week is generally only possible in exceptional circumstances, after direct discussion with your personal therapist/consultant.


A selection of popular science publications and fiction is available in all wards and, to a limited extent, at reception in the Prien location for your information and pleasure. Please talk to your co-therapist or reception if you have any questions about loaning materials.

Bus connections

The schedule for the local bus line in Prien and Rosenheim is available for you at reception.


At our Schoen Café in house C (Prien) or on the 3rd storey (Rosenheim), you’ll find a selection of drinks, cakes, small dishes and snacks, as well as newspapers. The cafeteria’s selling and opening times are posted.


It is very important to us that you feel comfortable in your room. The employees of our housekeeping and building management departments are always ready to help you make your stay as pleasant as possible. Despite this, you may find that is wrong with your room furnishings. If this occurs, please contact reception or, if you are a private patient, please contact the staff of Schoen Comfort in house C.

In the interest of the patients arriving after you, we ask that you not stick anything to or use nails of any kind on the walls and doors of your room. This also applies to common areas and the lounge areas in the wards. Please understand that we will need to charge you for any damage done to the room or ward furnishings as a result of improper handling. In addition, we ask that you switch off the light and all electronic devices, such as radio or television, when you leave the room.

Electronic devices

Radios, hair dryers and shavers can be used in your room. However, you are responsible for ensuring that the device remains in perfect technical condition during your clinic stay. For reasons of fire safety, we must unfortunately forbid TVs, electric kettles, coffee makers, immersion heaters, irons and other similar electronic devices from being brought or used. Hot water can be prepared in any of the wards. There are also washing machines, dryers and irons available in the clinic. A TV set is placed in each room, which you can register at reception for a fee. If you have booked a comfort room, use of the TV will not be charged.

Reimbursement of travel costs

Reimbursement of travel costs depends on your health insurance. Please refer to your payer’s responsible advisor for information about your reimbursement.


You can rent a television set for a fee if you wish (included in the comfort package at no extra charge). Please inquire at reception. We ask that you use low volume when operating it or use headphones. Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to bring your own TV set for reasons of fire safety.

TV room

Group room A339 on the 3rd storey is available for use in the Prien location.


All types of open flame, such as lit candles, sticks of incense or similar are forbidden for reasons of fire safety. For the sake of your own interest we ask that you comply with this ban. In addition, please note that Schoen Clinic Roseneck is a smoke-free clinic.


The questionnaires that you receive on your day of arrival and shortly before departure are important parts of a complete study while also serving as quality assurance. Please submit these filled out to the nurse’s station within one week if possible.

Recreational activities

Meaningful leisure activities are an important part of therapy. Please consult with your personal or co-therapist about this if necessary. Information about recreational activities in and outside of the clinic can be found on the posters in the reception area and your ward.

Lost & Found

Please turn in all found items to reception.

Money and valuables

We urge you to lock up your money and valuables in the safe provided in each room. Please do not leave cash or valuables lying around, as the clinic is not liable for any lost or missing objects. You should also always lock your room and balcony doors, even if you are only leaving briefly.

Luggage shipping

The luggage that you send will be waiting for you to pick up at reception upon your arrival. You can retrieve your suitcase from reception again one day before departure. Please remember to order shipping through a logistics provider such as Hermes or DHL in a timely manner.

Group rules

Group therapy is an important part of our treatment program. The group leader will communicate the rules for working in psychotherapy groups to you. The basic rule of confidentiality applies to all group therapies. Therefore, for your sake and for the sake of your fellow patients, we ask that you refrain from discussing any personal contributions from your group members outside of this context.


Towels are provided by the clinic for your room and therapy appointments. Towels for daily use can be found in your room. If you are visiting the on-site sauna the Prien location, you can borrow a towel from the bath attendant for the duration of your stay in the sauna.


Prefer to bring your own Notebook? A WLAN network is available at the Prien and Rosenheim locations, which can be used for a fee. You can purchase tickets with different time credits at reception in both locations. Internet use is included at no extra charge in our comfort package.

Several internet work stations are also available to use between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. These are located in our Schoen Café (house C) at the Prien location and in room R1.18 on the 1st storey at the Rosenheim location.

What to pack

To make packing your suitcase easier and to make sure you bring everything you need for your stay at our clinic, we have put together a packing list for you. There is also a room with washing machines and dryers available to use at our clinic where you can wash your clothes when needed.


People often become close to each other during an inpatient stay. On the one hand, this can be an important part of therapy, but it can also have serious negative consequences. In particular, the development of intimate relationships between patients can impact the effects of therapy work. This is also true for financial (lending out money in allowance-size proportions) and other business relationships. Therefore entering into intimate or business relationships with other patients can led to early release for therapeutic reasons.


If you need copies for therapeutic purposes (such as records), please contact the co-therapists or, if you are a private patient, contact the staff of Schoen Comfort. For personal purposes, you may use a coin-operated copy machine at reception, house C in the Prien location.


All meals are served in our restaurant. Please find the opening hours displayed. Relatives can participate in meals, with meal vouchers available at reception. For reasons of hygiene, please do not take any drinks or food out of the restaurant to your room.


Upon your arrival, please surrender any medication you have brought with you to your responsible consultant. You will receive your medication from our dispensary during your stay. Your medication will be kept in the medical centre and handed back to you when you depart. For your own safety and that of your fellow patients, you may not keep any pharmaceuticals in the patient rooms. Many medicines are offered under alternative brand names with the same ingredients. Although the active ingredient in the drugs is identical, depending on the manufacturer, they may have different prices. Please understand that we must always prescribe whichever drug is cheaper when prescribing medication. Exceptions to this are generally only possible if there is a compelling medical indication (such as specific allergies).

Medical centre (MC)

Measures ordered by physician, such as blood pressure measurements, blood samples and ECG monitoring are conducted at the MC and daily medicine is dispensed there. Please find the opening hours displayed.

Quiet at night

Abiding by quiet hours is an important part of treatment measures. For therapeutic reasons and in the interest of mutual consideration, we therefore ask that you remain quiet at night. The following times are considered quiet hours: 

Prien location:
Monday through Thursday and Sunday evening 10:30 pm
Friday, Saturday and nights before holidays 11:00 pm

Rosenheim location:
Monday through Sunday 11:30 pm

We ask that you not receive visitors in your room during these hours, and refrain from using the TV and radio. If there is disruption or noise during these hours, please inform the night shift staff (at the MC). In the interest of duty of care, we are obliged to look in your room after knocking first, even in the late evening and at night. Please assist our night shift staff in their work by cooperating.

Emergency call

Please press the red button in your room or pull the ripcord in the bathroom if you experience acute physical or mental distress and urgently require immediate assistance. 

Opening hours

The clinic is open between the hours of 6 am and 10:30 pm (Prien) or 11 pm (Rosenheim). The outer doors will be closed in Prien at 10:30 pm (or 11 pm on Friday, Saturday and before holidays) and in Rosenheim at 11 pm daily.


Please be aware that only a limited number of clinic-owned parking spaces are available, which can be rented for a fee when you arrive. Please use the public parking facilities with metered parking spots at Chiemsee Schifffahrt (Prien) or near the clinic (Rosenheim). You can also obtain more detailed information on your day of arrival at reception. 

We recommend travelling by train due to the convenient train connection.

Mentor system

A fellow patient will be available for newly arrived patients during their first several days to show them around the clinic and answer any questions about therapy or special rules.

Patient satisfaction

During your stay, your personal therapist and consultant, as well as the co-therapists, will be available as points of contact for suggestions or complaints. The weekly ward meeting provides a forum for issues that concern the entire ward. You can also have your ward’s patient spokesperson present your issue at the regularly held patient spokesperson conferences. At the patient spokesperson conferences, the heads of the kitchen, service, housekeeping and business departments - as well as the wards’ patient spokespersons - all participate.

At the end of your inpatient treatment, you will be asked to share a personal evaluation of your clinic stay on a form (“questionnaire about your clinic stay”). We welcome praise, but also ask for open criticism and suggestions for improvement so we can take these into consideration when continually opdating our therapy concept and our work.


Each patient has their own postbox near reception for information and private post. Incoming post will be in your postbox after about 11 am. Please do not send any cash through letters, but use our clinic’s bank connection (more information at reception) or send it through registered or insured post. For outgoing post, the Prien location contains a stamp machine and letterbox across from reception. At the Rosenheim location you can give your post to reception.


Schoen Clinic Roseneck is a smoke-free clinic. Smoking can severely impact the success of healing. We want to protect our patients and employees from the harmful vapours and unpleasant odour of smoking. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in the entire clinic building including the rooms and balconies. The use of open flame is also not allowed for reasons of fire safety. Smoking is only permitted in a smoking pavilion.


The employees at reception are there for you daily. Opening hours are posted for your convenience.

Cash desk hours: please observe cash desk hours for deposits and withdrawals.

Fax: Faxes can be sent for a fee.

Loaned items: Items such as steam irons, table tennis paddles, badminton rackets and balls can be loaned out.

Furnishings: If, despite intensive maintenance, you find technical defects or flaws in your room, please report these to reception.


There are regular ecumenical prayer services held by the evangelical and Catholic clinic pastors. They are also available as points of contact. Please see the display near reception in house C for information and appointments.


A direct telephone line is in all rooms, which we will connect for you for a low rate. Please contact reception to do this. Telephone use is included at a discounted daily flat rate in our comfort package.

Therapy coordination

The therapy coordination department is responsible for scheduling appointments for individual treatments and therapies, as well as scheduling examinations within the clinic. You will receive a relevant therapy schedule in your postbox at reception. Please check your box regularly for new schedules.

Therapy schedule/therapy week

Therapy at our clinic is tailored to each individual patient. Therapy may generally take place every weekday. On working days in particular, you will have a tight therapy schedule consisting of the units mentioned above. Meaningful leisure activities during therapy-free time are an important part of therapy. Therefore we have put together plenty of information about leisure activities and events both in and outside the clinic so you can plan out your own free time.

Washing machines and dryers

The clinic has washing machines, dryers and irons. You can purchase the coins needed for this at reception, and detergent is available in the cafeteria at the Prien location. In addition, you can use an external washing service in Prien, which will wash your clothes and return them ironed in about three days. Please inquire at reception for the phone number.

Room monitoring

The therapy staff have a duty of care and responsibility to supervise which includes occasional, unannounced room inspections. We ask for your understanding and your cooperation.