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In the best hands at our mental health hospital Schoen Clinic Roseneck

In the best of hands at our mental health hospital

We have been treating people with mental and psychosomatic illnesses for more than three decades at Schoen Clinic Roseneck right by the lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. Due to our many years of experience and our size, we can offer you a comprehensive and specialised range of treatments, which we adapt individually to your needs depending on your illness, severity and life situation.

From your first day at our mental health hospital, we have a clear goal in mind: We want you to get fit again for everyday life. In contrast to a psychiatric hospital, our focus therefore lies on modern behavioural therapy in which you learn strategies that you can use to manage your everyday life more easily. In individual and group therapies, we work intensively on your goals, which you have defined together with your mentoring therapist. In doing so, we attach great importance to always treating you according to the latest state of research and therefore cooperate closely with various universities such as the renowned LMU Munich.
According to Focus Health, Schoen Clinic Roseneck is one of the top mental health hospitals in Germany.

Pioneer in mental health

We take good care of you: According to German magazine ‘Focus Health’, Schoen Clinic Roseneck is one of the top mental health hospitals in Germany. Our hospital has been successful a total of five times: In addition to the award as a top 100 hospital nationally and top hospital in Bavaria, we have received seals for the treatment of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

We offer you individual treatment concepts

Highly specialised for treatment success

Due to the size of our hospital, we can offer you treatment concepts that are precisely tailored to your mental illness and your life situation. Our specialists have thus also developed the group therapy programme 'Work and Health in the Teaching Profession' especially for teachers who find their profession highly stressful. You will meet like-minded people, will be able to exchange information about your problems and learn strategies to help you cope better with everyday life or school.

We also treat patients with extreme anorexia at Schoen Clinic Roseneck

Intensive support for severe obesity

The complex ward of Schoen Clinic Roseneck located in Rosenheim is one of the few facilities in Germany for patients with extreme anorexia (BMI under 13). They require particularly intensive care and often need to be physically stabilised first. Our experienced team of psychologists and internal medicine specialists works closely together for this. The goal: To enable you to take the first step back to an independent everyday life with medical, nursing and therapeutic treatment.

We do video exposures in real life

Video exposure in real life

Our specialists rely on modern, state-of-the-art treatments – such as video exposure. We prepare you carefully for this: Your therapist will gradually introduce you to the situations that trigger your anxiety or compulsions. What makes this special: This exposure does not take place in a protected hospital environment, but instead you face these situations in real life – alone, but with the support of your therapist via a video connection.

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Your specialists for mental health in Bavaria

No matter whether depression, anxiety disorder or anorexia: With us, you will find the right expert for you for every mental health condition. Our renowned specialists in mental health and psychotherapy regularly receive awards and are also active within research – everything to offer you treatment at the highest level and at the cutting edge of science. Every day, our consultants, psychologists and therapists are intensively committed to helping you and support you on your road back to an active life.