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Back into life strengthened

You can concentrate on yourself and your health far away from all of the everyday stresses and strains and make your way towards a self-determined life at our mental health hospital for adolescents aged between 12 and 17 directly on the Chiemsee in Bavaria. Our experienced team of adolescent mental health consultants, psychologists and therapists will support you with this and are there for you around the clock. Besides eating disorders and depression, we also treat other mental illnesses in adolescents, such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or body dysmorphic disorder.

Our adolescent mental health hospital with seven wards is one of the largest in Germany and offers you a wide range of therapy options. In addition to psychotherapy – in one-to-one and group sessions – you can also take advantage of other services that can help you. Especially helpful: creative or movement therapy.

What your personal treatment plan looks like depends not only on your diagnosis but also on your life situation and your needs. With the help of our specialists, we will work together to strengthen you for your path back to your life and make you fit again for everyday life.

In the best of hands at our outstanding hospital

We regularly receive awards for our medical quality and, according to the Focus Klinikliste, are among the top hospitals in mental health in Germany: In addition to recognition as one of the best hospitals in Bavaria, we have received seals for our specialisation for the treatment of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This makes us proud and motivates us to continuously develop innovative therapies for the treatment of mental illnesses in adolescents and adults.

Always a sympathetic ear for you

Our experienced and caring team of experts will be at your side throughout your whole stay at our mental health hospital for adolescents. Your mentoring therapist plays a very special role in this, accompanying you through the entire therapy with us and always having a sympathetic ear for you. Together with you, the therapist works out your treatment goals and then determines your individual treatment plan. They will also decide which services, in addition to one-on-one and group therapies, can best help you.

Fun, movement and interaction

We are convinced that the best way out of your personal life crisis is to take a holistic approach. Therefore, in addition to classic one-on-one and group sessions, we also offer you other therapeutic elements that help you to get fit for everyday life. Alongside art and creative programmes, this also includes cooking classes as well as sports and exercise, such as therapeutic climbing. These help you boost your self-confidence. You learn to set yourself goals and trust others.

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Your specialists for adolescent mental health in Bavaria

You are in the best of hands with us. With an interdisciplinary team of experienced and committed experts, our hospital is one of the largest institutions in Germany for the treatment of mental illnesses in adolescents and adults. Our consultants, therapists and psychologists work together with you to find a way to make you well again. They not only take into account your diagnosis but above all your personality, your history and your needs when planning the treatment and put together customised therapy for you.