Registration for inpatient admission

We happily support you with the admission formalities

We generally accept patients who are insured by any insurance company and private insurers as well as those entitled to financial assistance and self-payers.

In our clinic, various types of admission are possible. Detailed information can be found in the areas below.

Admission for Inpatient Hospital Treatment

Admission to our hospital

Before admission to the Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen, we must check whether our treatment offers are correct for your condition. For that, we need the following documents before admission:

  • The completed application form
  • a personal report
  • Referral for hospital treatment ("referral") with psychosomatic diagnosis ("F diagnosis")
  • A cost agreement of your private supplementary insurance (if applicable), depending on the payer
  • Report of treating or admitting physician/therapist, in which the need for in-patient hospital treatment can be seen
  • Previous findings, reports of previous treatment or discharge reports from hospitals

For our forms please contact our consulting team.

Admission to the private clinic

The private clinic offers a choice of medical treatment and an exclusive Comfort offer. It is open to all privately insured people, aid beneficiaries and self payers. For the inpatient admission registration, please send us your application documents. These are in detail:

  • Registration form
  • Personal report
  • Additional admission documents for young patients - confirmation of custody

You will find the forms to download above. The Schoen Clinic team will happily inform you about our in-house facilities and support you in communicating with your payer.

Extras for your stay

With Schoen Comfort We offer you more comfort and service – spacious rooms, cosy lounges and an extensive selection of fresh dishes.

If you would like to be treated by one of our senior consultants, choose your preferred doctor.

Of course you can combine this service with the Schoen Comfort package. Our Schoen Clinic Consulting happily answers your questions.


Contraindications for treatment in Schoen Clinic Roseneck are primary alcohol and drug addiction, acute psychotic diseases, acute/suicidal behaviour of danger to self, severe dementia and more disorders, which have the effect, that the patient cannot adequately follow psychotherapeutic treatments in our setting. The minimum age for treatment is usually 12 years.