Quality measurement

Allows for a noticeably better life

Our goal is to enable all our patients to live noticeably better lives. That’s why we primarily base the success of our treatment and medical quality on the views of our patients, and have done so for over 30 years. We learn from these results and continue to grow. We aren’t satisfied until our patients are thrilled.

Expert perspectives and patient perspectives

Systematic review and inspection

Review and inspection are crucial to successful treatment. This is why we ask you before, during and after your stay with us how you’re doing and how well we were able to help you. These results help our experts to consistently improve their approaches.

Treatment success is the only thing that really matters to you – and to us

This is why we supplement the current national standards with our own quality measurement – the quality index developed at Schoen Clinic,Medical Quality and Excellence Index (MedQEX). MedQEX means:

  • All treatment results are measured and evaluated in the course of a treatment. With this, we can improve our treatment quality on an ongoing basis.
  • The MedQEX guarantees the highest level of patient safety
  • And a patient experience to your fullest satisfaction.

Our approach to healthcare was awarded the VBHC EuropeanInspiration Award by the Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) Centre for Europe in the Netherlands asan inspiring example to all of Europe. You can expect the best measurable quality of treatment from us!

Schoen Clinic’s quality measurement has received multiple awards

At Schön Klinik, the focus is on the individual benefits for patients. We’re continuously improving our treatment for patients through specialisation and experience. This approach has already been awarded multiple prizes at the international level, most recently in Great Britain (Healthcare Business International,Business Model Innovation Award 2017) and the Netherlands (Value Based HealthCare Prize 2017). The American Harvard University made our approach the subject of twoof their case studies,which serves as inspiration for future health experts.

Business Model Innovation Award

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Business Model Innovation Award in the Best Quality Data Model categoryby Healthcare Business International (HBI). Out of 70 participating companies in the medical field, we were awardedfirst place. This recognised the nature of the quality measurement that Schoen Clinic has carried out for years to continually improve the quality of treatment, and thus patient safety.

European Inspiration Award

The Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) Centre for Europe in the Netherlands presented Schoen Clinic with the VBHC EuropeanInspiration Award. That’s why our clinic was distinguished as a particularly inspiring example for healthcare on a European level. Measure, evaluate and thus continually refine results – that’s what we put into practice. We're thrilled to have become arole modelfor all of Europe.