Perthes' disease

Relieving the hip joint

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Causes & symptoms

Perthes' disease: Causes

The cause of the problem with the blood supply is not yet fully understood. 

Perthes' disease: Symptoms of the condition

Perthes' disease often presents as a limping gait. Young patients may complain of pain on exertion in the hip, thigh or even the knee. The symptoms often improve if the child is less active.


Diagnosis: How we determine the presence of Perthes' disease

The diagnosis is generally made based on X-rays.
Perthes' disease occurs in various stages. Based on the appearances on the X-ray, we can see whether your child is in the initial, fragmentation, repair or final stage of the disease.

To be able to assess the disease's progress, our specialists often use MRI scans. Using very powerful magnetic fields, we are able to produce very detailed sectional images of the body. In order to be able to estimate the extent of the problem with the blood supply, we may also use a perfusion MRI scan with contrast medium.