Prof. Dr. Pavel Dufek

Orthopaedics is the best medical speciality field. In essence, it improves patients’ quality of life in this dynamic life.
Orthopaedics is  a calling, not a job. A passion that also improves the quality of life of the orthopaedic surgeons.

Consulting and Therapy Centre for Spinal Diseases Hamburg

Specialist Doctor - Consultation and Therapy Centre Hamburg

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Job title

Specialist for orthopaedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine
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Publication 2010

Quality of Orthop. rehab in reduced stay in the rehabilitatio facility
Wilde Jan, Dufek Pavel,Sand Peter

Publication 2009

Die Schulterarhroskopie-Therapiemöglichkeiten bei Sportlern
Dufek Pavel

Publication 2011

Patellar Resurfacint in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Dufek Pavel

Publication 2014

Hüftendoprothetik nach fehlgeschlagener Osteosynthese
Dufek P. Westphal K.C. Stahlhut O.

Publication 2017

Über die Historie zementreier Implantate in der Extremitätenchirurgie
Pavel Dufek