Pancreatic cancer

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The pancreas is located in the upper abdomen behind the peritoneum between the stomach, spleen, liver and the large blood vessels of the pancreas. It creates not only digestive enzymes but also hormones that are important for regulating the blood sugar level. If there is a malignant tumour of the pancreas, it should be treated surgically whenever possible. 

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in the surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer. They do all they can to completely remove the tumour tissue.

Causes & symptoms

Pancreatic cancer: Causes of this condition

The causes for the development of pancreatic cancer have not yet been sufficiently clarified. However, various factors are known to increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Increased alcohol consumption and smoking are among the most important risk factors. Genetic factors also play a role in the development of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer: Symptoms of the disorder

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are relatively non-specific. This is why the tumour is often discovered late. The most common symptoms are a deterioration in general health, loss of appetite and weight, and indefinite pain in the upper abdomen. If the tumour is located in the head of the pancreas, it can disrupt the flow of bile, causing subsequent jaundice. 


Diagnosis: How we diagnose pancreatic cancer

If pancreatic cancer is suspected, the diagnosis is performed first. This includes, among other things, imaging diagnostics (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging). However, laboratory and endoscopic examinations and, if necessary, a puncture for sample collection are also part of the diagnostics. This clarifies whether it is a malignant tumour of the pancreas. If this is the case, we determine where it is and how far the disease has progressed. The question of general operability must be answered on the basis of these examinations in addition to the choice of the appropriate surgical procedure. 

Dialogue with specialists: our interdisciplinary tumour board

In order to do justice to the complexity of the disease, we discuss each case within our interdisciplinary tumour board. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic will develop an individual treatment strategy for you. All of the relevant factors of the disease are taken into account: Type of tumour, extent of tumour, concomitant diseases and prior treatments. Experts meet experts on the tumour board; their common goal is your optimal treatment.