General and abdominal surgery (with bariatric surgery and proctology) - Our Team

General and abdominal surgery (with bariatric surgery and proctology)

Certified Competence Centre

Minimally invasive surgery methods and highly specialised equipment guarantee you a high treatment standard. In addition to general and abdominal surgery, we also cover bariatric surgery and proctology in our Specialist Centre.

Specialists in minimally invasive surgery

Interdisciplinary cooperation

We specialise in the treatment of organs and disorders of the digestive system. In addition to gastrointestinal illnesses, we also treat problems with the thyroid, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. In our Hernia Centre, we also focus on treating abdominal wall hernias, such as inguinal, umbilical and incisional hernias.

Minimally invasive surgery methods and highly specialised equipment guarantee us a high treatment standard. Based on the extensive experience of our surgeons, about 80% of abdominal surgery is carried out using minimally invasive methods. Thanks to our close co-operation with specialists from the fields of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Radiology, we can offer you the best possible treatment.

Reducing obesity successfully long-term

Obesity and nutritional medicine

As a specialised hospital within Schoen Clinic Nürnberg Fürth, we are well versed in treating pathological obesity. We know the complicated correlations of metabolic disorders, poor diets and emotional stress. These promote severe obesity by interacting. In our Interdisciplinary Obesity Centre, our specialists therefore diagnose and treat both, the causes as well as accompanying illnesses of obesity.

Particularly severe obesity or obesity that has existed for a long time, is treated using specific surgical procedures. This is supported by a nutrition and exercise programme to ensure long-term success for you as a patient. In close co-operation with other departments, we create an individual treatment concept for you. This means that you get help at the highest medical level during every phase of your treatment.

Most important treatment goal: Increasing your quality of life

Obesity is a significant health risk that is accompanied by numerous adverse effects and illnesses. That is why our most important treatment goal is always a significant and long-term improvement of your quality of life - not getting your weight to stay at a certain number. We see, for example, remission of diabetes mellitus as a huge success resulting from bariatric surgery.

We carry out the following procedures:

  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass
  • Laparoscopic gastric sleeve
  • Adjustable gastric band
  • Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (bowel bypass)
  • Conversion procedures (e.g. gastric band - gastric bypass)

Das medizinische Gewichtsreduktions-Programm ZEPmax

Das ZEPmax-Programm ist ein interdisziplinäres, multimodales einjähriges Programm zur sicheren und nachhaltigen Gewichtsabnahme. Es dient der ärztlich überwachten und psychologisch geführten Gewichtsreduktion bei stark Übergewichtigen mit einem BMI > 30 kg/(m)2.Unser professionelles Team aus Ernährungsmedizinern, Ernährungsfachkräften, Psychologen und Bewegungstherapeuten begleitet Sie das ganze Jahr hindurch.

Das Programm wird über zwölf Monate ambulant durchgeführt. Wesentlicher Kernpunkt ist eine zwölfwöchige Behandlung mit einer bilanzierten Formula-Diät zur Gewichtsreduktion. Das 3,5-stündige Treffen der Gruppe findet einmal wöchentlich in den Abendstunden statt. Während der gesamten Behandlung besteht volle Leistungs- und Berufsfähigkeit. Durch diese ganzheitliche Therapie aus medizinischer Betreuung, Ernährungscoaching, Bewegungs- und Verhaltenstherapie kann ein durchschnittlicher Gewichtsverlust von etwa 25 Prozent des Körpergewichtes im Therapiezeitraum erreicht werden. Diese multimodale Therapieform wird ausdrücklich in den aktuellen Leitlinien der Deutschen Adipositasgesellschaft (DAG) empfohlen.

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Interesse an unser Adipositas-Team in der Allgemeinchirurgie.