Registering for Admission

We will support you so your stay starts without problems.

Our Patient Management Team is happy to help you with any questions concerning the settlement of accounts, optional services, insurance, additional payments and accommodation for an accompanying person. We help you to communicate with your cost bearer and tell you about the equipment and optional choices in our facility.

Admission for Inpatient Hospital Treatment

Registration and Admission to our Hospital

After your appointment during our consultation hours, the next steps are considered and your inpatient stay is decided with your input.

Then we will make additional appointments with you. Before we can proceed with the medical examination, however, a few formalities have to be taken care of. Please have the following documentation ready and take it to your appointment:

  • Health insurance card
  • Admission notice (pink) or referral notice (yellow)
  • Valid identification
  • Doctor’s letters and the findings of any previous examinations
  • Medication you are currently taking (a written overview is sufficient)

Our Patient Service Team is happy to answer your questions. Contact us by phone or using the online service.

Prerequisites for inpatient admission

Pre-inpatient consultation hours - admission order is sufficient

During “pre-admission consultation hours”, we welcome patients to an initial talk in our hospital to find out whether inpatient treatment is required and possible. Please take an admission notice (“pink slip”) from the GP or specialist treating you to this appointment. If our doctors establish that an inpatient stay in our hospital is required, you will receive the date for your admission and surgery, and you will introduce yourself in an anaesthesia consultation.

Preparation for Inpatient Admission

After recording your personal details (name, address etc.), we will advise you on invoicing procedures and the treatment contract. This includes your agreement to an inpatient stay in our hospital. In addition, you will receive important information from us about statutory provisions (e.g. additional payments) and useful notes about your stay.

Additional payment

For patients with statutory health insurance who are at least 18 years old and are not exempt from additional payments, legislature specifies that an additional payment of 10 Euros has to be paid for every inpatient treatment day for a maximum of 28 calendar days per year. The invoice for this additional payment will be sent to you after your hospital stay. We will then pass on the payment to your health insurance company.

Follow-up Treatment and Rehabilitation

So that you will recover quickly from your operation, we also offer rehabilitation in our sister clinics after your stay. Or we will help you to choose a suitable clinic for follow-up treatment in your area. 

Our Social Services Team is happy to advise you on further treatment and if you have any questions about possible rehabilitation.