Schoen Clinic takes first place

Quality measurement recognised

Measure, evaluate and become even better: Healthcare Business International (HBI) recognised Schoen Clinic’s measurement of results with the Business Model Innovation Award.

HBI Award for best quality measurement model

The English information platform, which reports on international developments in healthcare, saw approximately 70 companies from the healthcare industry worldwide apply for the awards. Schoen Clinic won out against the University of Utah, among others, in the category Best Quality Data Model, best quality measurement model, and took first place.

“We are convinced that excellent medicine is the result of specialisation and experience,” says Raymar Homm, who leads the quality management team at Schoen Clinic. “Because experience can be used to continually develop further and improve even more - provided that this experience is recorded, assessed and discussed by experts regularly. It is for this reason that Schoen Clinic has operated a comprehensive quality measurement for years that is now firmly established in all our hospitals.”

Proven model of four stages

“Quality empowered by documentation” is the name of the four-stage process of indicator determination, data collection, evaluation of results and initiating improvements.

The model has been tried and tested: for example, the necessity of blood transfusions during implantation of an artificial hip joint was able to be reduced to less than 5%. The international standard value (according to scientific studies) is 22%. Schoen Clinic was able to reduce the transfusion rate from just 12% to below 5% in five years. Why is that good? A blood transfusion confuses the recipient’s immune system, increases the general risk of complication and makes recovery take longer. Thus Schoen Clinic performed internal comparisons between their hospitals and developed and established a new standard based on that. Since then, the surgery teams of Schoen Clinic prepare their patients optimally for procedures and operate in such a way as to avoid the necessity of a blood transfusion as much as possible.

The Healthcare Business Innovation Award is an international award that was presented for the first time this year in seven categories on the sidelines of the Healthcare Business International conference in London. That’s where more than 600 participants from healthcare companies around the world meet every year to discuss the latest developments and approaches to patient care. Schoen Clinic is represented there as one of a few German clinic operators.