85 awards for medical quality

Flood of medals for Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic is home to some of the best hospitals and specialists in the country. That’s the result of comparative studies conducted by the news magazine Focus this year.

37 experts and 13 locations honoured

Among all the hospitals, rehab clinics and specialists in different field located in Germany, a total of 37 experts and 13 locations of the Schoen Clinic group were recognised for their medical excellence and therapeutic quality. In the fields orthopaedics and neurology in particular, the clinic group enjoys an excellent reputation not only at the national level, but at the international as well.

The national comparative study conducts a yearly investigation of who the best physicians are, which are the best acute care hospitals and which are the best rehab clinics in Germany. Since the first survey in 2009, the Schoen Clinic group has received awards in this national ranking that includes millions of data sets, including several hours’ worth of interviews with consultants and the opinions of patients or figures related to long-lasting treatment success and complication rates.

Top marks in psychosomatics, orthopaedics and neurology

The Schoen Clinic group received recognition for their especially high degree of specialisation in their focal areas. The interdisciplinary treatment team cooperating in the specialised fields received a total of 85 awards for this performance this year. Spinal surgery, joint surgery (knee, foot, hand, hip) and bariatric surgery in particular enjoy an outstanding reputation among experts and patients. In the neurology department, the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s in particular was distinguished in comparison to other hospitals and rehab clinics.

Specialised in international patients

Most of the orthopaedics and neurological hospitals in the Schoen Clinic group offer special services for English-, Arabic-, and often even Russian-speaking patients and their relatives to make therapy in Germany easier. These hospitals have an international department with specially trained employees and direct points of contact in patient service and in the kitchen. Our hospitals with international departments have interpreters or native speakers and multi-lingual documents in order to overcome language barriers.

The Focus comparative study

Every year, the German news magazine Focus commissions the independent research institute Minq Media to carry out a qualitative comparison of all acute care hospitals and all rehab clinics in Germany, and to determine the best specialists in the country. For all three consecutive studies, the institute has conducted a total of over 20,000 interviews, lasting several hours each, with experts such as physicians, psychologists and clinic directors. Scientific activity and patient experiences are considered as well. Case numbers, long-lasting treatment success, complication rates, hygiene standards and technical equipment also play a role, as do the number and qualifications of treating consultants, therapists and nurses. In this way, a total of more than 2,500 hospitals and 3,000 specialist departments were compared to each other in 2017.